Jayson Gerycz. The Unknown Drummer.


The “Unknown Drummer” is from my area, which is the Capitol of Rock n Roll. If you are from Memphis, you got merit for a complaint, but we got thee Hall.  The “Unknown Drummer” is a member of Cloud Nothings, which is one of the best bands I have ever seen live. The first video really showcases his ability at about the 7:30 minute mark of the video. Dave Grohl would appreciate the skills of this fellow Buckeye.

I have seen just about every show of theirs at The Grog and one at the Musica in Akron. I never got into the pre “Attack On Memory” material. That doesn’t mean it was bad, it just didn’t do much for me. Now their third album filled my addiction to hard rock. When I went and seen them live, I was impressed by the crowds. They were a lot of fans, and they were there to see Cloud Nothings. A great experience for a lover of hard rock.

One thing, I wanted to share, was I wanted my two boys to see this band, while they were playing small venues. I talked my good friend Larry into coming along with his two offspring. Now we took three boys and Larry’s daughter who is like a niece to me. Well the music got loud and her ears couldn’t take it, so Jayson’s “The Unknown Drummer” Grandmother went and got her a pair of ear plugs off Jayson, before their set. His Grandmother is one of the sweetest people on earth, if I was to judge on one evening alone.  I had seen her at other local shows, but didn’t know who she was.

When bands are underground, they need all the support they can get from those that care the most about them. The memories created for all those involved will last a lifetime, even if they don’t make it to mainstream popularity. Their journey can often be tough, and trying, but the memories will last forever and will become priceless over time.

Jayson Gerycz is one of the best young drummers out there, and at least deserves to be part of the conversation, and his Grandmother deserves adulation as maybe the greatest Grandmother of all time (outside of mine). Jayson, if your eyes happen to grace over this, you are truly blessed.

Cloud Nothings is currently working on their fourth album, which promises to be noisier, less melodic and less straightforward.  That sounds right up my alley.



Have a blessed day.  Fill your hearts with kindness and be thankful for today.


6 responses to “Jayson Gerycz. The Unknown Drummer.

  1. Hey I am some sort of displaced Buckeye. My family settled in Ohio in the 1790’s. My Dad moved to Indiana in 1967 and I was born in indiana. Anyway I think it is the bomb that you live in Memphis. I really feel Jack White has that town alive again with Third Man Records. I really dig Jeff the Brotherhood. I saw a show on youtube that they did for like $5. I am following.

    • Thanks for following. I live outside of Cleveland, but respect the Memphis area’s contribution to Rock n Roll. I really enjoy seeing artists in their way up. The drinks and tickets are way cheaper and the artists are usually accessible.
      Thanks for the follow. Be well.

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