Reignwolf- Underground Band/Artist of the week


The choice this week centers on one skilled artist, who hails from Canada.  Jordan Cook AKA Reignwolf is full of pure energy as he performs his one man shows. I have looked far and wide and high and low and there is no studio recording from him to be found. With the veracity of him being underground, it almost seems like a preferred choice of his. I won’t even attempt to explain why this artist is not making waves in the music industry. At my heart, hard rock pleases me to the core like a strong breeze pleases a soaring eagle.  From the hard thumping of the bass drum along with the  bluesy, shredding, wailing of his guitar to the fresh, grinding, ear candied vocals, Reignwolf completely defines what Rock should be in my mind.

His being underground is evidence that we are all mired in a coothless world. How the world could be spinning so fast, that it won’t slow down enough to hear such beautiful racket explode from just a single, fellow, being goes way beyond the capacity of this mind i possess, which my Creator has so blessed me with.

We all need to chill out and slow down a bit, and listen to some decadent art. Spoil yourself and listen to this rose of an artist. I expect this rose to blossom at the upcoming summer festivals, and hopefully we will be granted a studio release in the coming year or two.

Just a note of respect to fellow blogger for posting Reignwolf earlier this week. I had discovered him around six months ago in one of my honey holes, but her post helped push Reignwolf into the award this week.  Lady, mad respect here.

Edit: Fellow Blogger John Butler pointed out to me that there is a five year old CD available under Jordan Cook. John, much thanks.

Have a blessed day.  Fill your hearts with kindness and be thankful for today.


9 responses to “Reignwolf- Underground Band/Artist of the week

  1. Dear Brian, thanks for your article!! Just sent you a message on Facebook – from Reignwolf fan to Reignwolf fan. Might be of interest for U as you’re obviously in constant search for more of Jordan’s amazing audio/video recordings. There is much more out there, I promise…. Enjoy!!

  2. JORDON played Fort McMurray INTERplay 2012. He was simply fantastic and a delightful person. His talent needs to be recognised by more officianados of good music.

    • I agree, he is one of the best “unknowns” out there. I expect him to make a little noise this summer. He does seem to be well grounded guy from all the reports I have read. They back what you say about him.

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