The White Buffalo


I find my self sifting through countless rock bands, since that is where my truest hunger is usually fulfilled. Every now and then, I run into an R&B, Rap, and even a country artist who catches my ear as something much more than ordinary.  The White Buffalo are not ordinary.

The White Buffalo grabbed my heartstrings when I first listened to “Wish it Were True.” I shared it with my wife and she couldn’t stop the tears as they dropped to the floor.  I couldn’t help but think this dude is the long lost brother of Eddie Vedder (not a bad thing) performing this song, but in other songs he pulled my memory strings toward some old time, country, male artist greats. Now this band has gained some popularity due to some performances for Sons of Anarchy, which by the way is one of my favorite shows on Television. You don’t have to like country, to like this song.

Good news for music fans attending SXSW in Texas. The White Buffalo recently announced they will be playing there.

They have a pretty nice catalog of material listed on their home site, also  a lot of bands could take a note on how to set up a website from these guys. Frequent updates and it’s very easy to see any current info on the band. Maybe it is a country thing? Do they have all the good web developer market cornered? Maybe they are no longer underground, and their recent success has permitted an upgrade to their IT service.  It is just a great site for their fans.

It is getting late here near the Cuyahoga, and my paying gig is calling me to an early rise.

I have been successful in contacting this weeks underground band/artist of the week, and hope to add a little extra to this Fridays post.

The White Buffalo Facebook page

The White Buffalo Home Site

Have a blessed day.  Fill your hearts with kindness, and remember to be thankful for today.


4 responses to “The White Buffalo

    • Thank you for the shout out. I love sharing these artists, and plan on doing this as long as the Lord will allow me. Passion fulfilled, rivals love.

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