Time Flies

The taste of dried blood is immediate to my tongue as I feel three sets of hands pulling me up. Why is there a tooth missing and why is the left side of my head numbly throbbing and tight skinned? Fuck, my head hurts and that blast of light is blinding. Shit!!! A damn plane!!!! They pushed me out!!! Damn I’m gonna die!!! Fuuuuuck!!! Why am I here??? What should I do??? I’m done… Might as well enjoy this….So much for that tooth… I should have……..



Day 2 Quote Quota

The writer here has been nominated to participate in a three day blog exercise by one of my longest still standing  blogger friends in the blogiverse. The exercise asks the nominated to post a quote a day for three days ( don’t have to be in a row ) and nominate three fellow bloggers for the exercise on each post.  Here are my second three nominations.




Jim Morrison and many other sinner saints have left this realm quite a bit earlier than the inhabitants in this realm would mostly prefer. I have asked myself why I am so attracted to the images of these sinner saints. Some of the attraction is the non conformity these individuals exhibited towards the rules most of us are conditioned to abide by. There are some folks that have to go all the way with things and moderation is simply an alien concept. Oscar Wilde once said that the only way to find all the good in a thing is to go all the way with it. Well, that works for finding the bad as well by my experience. There are many sinner saints that find balance with their sinning and sainting. It seems that the tragic ends to some of our sinner saints keeps them fresher on the mind for some damn reason. Some of it has to be my attachment to what could of been. What I missed due to their early exit. Like I was short changed by tragedy. Such is the ride it seems.


About the quote, I’m not even sure that Jim said it, but have seen it go around the social media circles a few rounds. Sometimes the words carry more weight than the supposed source and I have found that what the words point too are way more important than who said or wrote it, and I am probably with a small minority that feels that way.