Fontaines D.C. (Punk)

Been awhile. Hours in the box have dragged me into a fit where greed rules my measure of time. A fellow blogger liked the most recent post last week, and the record of it showed up in my email. The need to get back at this arose.

Fontaines DC came across my ears by the way of the band, Idles. Brilliance.

This brilliant band is from Dublin. Grian Chatten leaves little doubt of their origin with a heavy Irish accent weaved lyric to lyric.  Met him after their opening act for headliner Idles at the Beachland Ballroom near Cleveland. The writer was hammered, but Grian was as charming as a rose in December. I also talked a minute with, I believe Curley or Connor, one of the guitarists at the bar. I don’t remember if it was him or the bartender, but someone said Girlband is working on a new album, which is exciting news to me.

I hear the Doors, Joy Division, The Fall and Girl Band influences. During the live show, Ian Curtis came to mind at least once. These fellas are more than a band. They are breathing artisanal brilliance.

Listen, and if you like, buy their shit and for fuck’s sake go see them live.

Great interview 

Links to the band





Listening to this song, while trying to choose the first one to post, I heard the garage rock from the 60’s influence. Well done boys, Well done.

“If Socrates leaves his house today he will find the sage seated on his doorstep. If Judas go forth tonight it is to Judas his steps will tend.’ Every life is many days, day after day. We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-law. But always meeting ourselves.” -James Joyce



Husky Loops (Rock)

This stuff has grown on me like ivy on a wall. These Italian fellers are currently based out of London. They bring a carnival of sounds that dance conceptually between chaos and order, which has me listening to them over and over.  The only bands that come to mind while listening to Husky Loops are De Staat and Gang of Four.  One concept that stands out is how the flow of a song breaks into a completely different flow, which they do as well as any band that I’ve heard attempt this concept. These guys may not make it big, but what they are doing could well influence some bands in the future. This shit is top shelf as it gets. Pay attention to the bass.

Links to follow Husky Loops (An easy to way to show support for unsigned artists)





Link to article with an interview by Wonderland Mag

Pay attention to the bass….

I stopped at a book sale yesterday at the library south of Chesterland. While looking over a table of books a lady near me was leafing through a book named Big Spenders.

She said,” Can you believe they would publish a book about the troubles the rich have spending all their money.”
I replied,” They are just trying to capitalize on peoples envy by publishing a book like that. I pity them rich folk in that book.”
” Why do you pity them?”
” They don’t know enough.”
” Do you know enough?”
” I reckon I do except when it comes to books.”
While showing her the two books in my hand.
“I’m a borderline hoarder when it comes to books.”
Seeing the book on Hitler that I had picked up she said, ” Ya know he was a very bad man.”

” I find a great deal of good can be learned from the very bad.”
She smiled, looked me in the eye while scooping up Big Spenders and said, “True enough”, as she proceeded to then check out.

Photo credit-Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody