Butcher Babies (Heavy Metal)



The name, the name, the name just offends the hell out of my conditioned morality, but could the name be an indictment against the government of my beloved nation?  The music, the music, the music just mellows the hell out of me. Literally. I love this shit. Labels be damned. I read on the internet that Carl Jung said that screaming could never be musical. On many things that Mr. Jung reported, I have little to quarrel with.  On screaming being musical, I offer Butcher Babies as to my side of the disagreement. To be fair to Mr. Jung, he never got to listen to Butcher Babies.

I also read on the internet that Heavy Metal actually soothes and relaxes the listener according to scientific experiments. I love science like I love Democracy and Religion when it supports my preconceived ideas and feelings of my perspective. It is often said that the truth will make one cry, but rarely is it said that it will make you laugh and when truth pasts wailing into laughter than truth has made its aim.

Listen to the Music.


And yes, I adore cleavage.


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Smiling Dead

Where opinion rules
The sharpest chisel wins
The blood of truth drains
The spirit into the Devil’s
lake of confusion

Facts become idols
to a shivering junkie
seeking that true warm
fact filled needle.

He wanders the streets
seeking his fix
with plenty of money
and pushers to oblige

He hits Main Street
All the usual suspects there
pushing bad dope that
leaves him cold and clammy

He hits Wall Street
It’s the best looking dope
He has seen in weeks
When he cooks it
It disintegrates.

He hits the hood
The dope left him desperate,
depressed and hopeless
with no withdrawals.

He hits the suburbs
The dope felt great
but blinded him and
made him deaf

He hit the park
Lying naked, bruised and
violated he was later found
with a needle dangling from his arm.

Smiling Dead.








Killit (Hard Rock)

Killit’s cast of players come from Hungary, Israel, Argentina and Britain. They have been together since around the start of this year and have only released a couple of songs so far. Niro Knox, the guitarist has assembled this group together and by what I have listened to, he has done a fucking magnificent job. Niro was the lead guitarist for King Lizard until the end of last year, so I went and listened to some of their stuff and this new band is a helluva lot fresher to my ears.  Their sound flows from the AC/DC, GNR and Skid Row branches from what I can reckon. I can’t determine any weaknesses with Killit. Great balance and flow with this Rock and Roll band.

I have really enjoyed listening to the two songs and look forward to hearing the full 12 song LP that is scheduled to be released early next year sometime. Click here for an article on their last video release and more info on the band.

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Here is the latest video from Killit.


The first video release from the band.

A video compilation of Niro Knox geeking the shit out of it during a live show. Dude is a freak!!!