grandson (Blues-Trap Rock)

Freedom of expression is still alive in the good ole US of A in the art realm. I read the other day that Will Smith said our society is experiencing a purge of sorts and that a new age of light will be upon us. I don’t have a clue of what is upon us other than that portions of Ayn Rand’s philosophy has taken control of the wheel. While reading her Virtue of Selfishness, it became clear the first political torchbearer of her,  “everybody for themselves being virtuous”, was the 1964 presidential candidate, “the grandson of a peddler”, Barry Goldwater who was endorsed by Rand. The connection to Ronald Reagon is obvious, although Rand did vehemently oppose his reliance on the evangelicals for political clout. President Trump has apparently read a book or two and claims that Rand’s, “Atlas Shrugged”, is one of his favorites. They have all cherry-picked Rand’s philosophy.  I reckon that Lenin, Stalin, and Mao did similar to Marx. There may be only one thing in common between Rand and grandson and that is they are tellers of truth. Rand told her own truth and grandson does this as well.

grandson’s music grabs my attention like the rapid-fire sound of a gun going off in the distance. grandson points to many truths that are hard for me to negate. He performs from the heart to the hearts and flow of youth. I suspect that today’s youth that watched the bankers rob us all in 2008 will naturally feel a lot of common truths with grandson. The system has withstood the truths of Joe Hill, Woody Guthrie, Phil Ochs and Tom Morello. Jordan Benjamin has a long row to how to be considered with any of those names, but a teller of truths should never be underestimated when it comes to art that many hearts find relative truth with.

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“Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions.”- Daniel Webster




Factory Floor (Post Industrial Electronic)

Here is another band from The Island.  I have been keeping tabs on Factory Floor, formed in 2005, for close to a year now. Electronica is not a genre that I have any level of deep listening experience to bank on when listening for bands that sound interesting to me. I just looked up my first share from this genre, Mystery Skulls, and while they haven’t taken over the world, they have enjoyed some moderate success since 2013. I like the name of this band and their music motivates my body to contort a little. It’s good shit.

The Science Museum in England announced today that Factory Floor will be performing a live score to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (announcement) . Metropolis is one of the most interesting films that I have ever watched. What a wonderful opportunity for the band this is. I recommend watching Metropolis being scored with Pink Floyd. This is the version that I watched and the film shows anti-Semitism being in full force in Germany by the late 1920’s. It isn’t that difficult to figure out how this came about when your philosophy is dominated by matter. It took a few centuries for it to build up, but when one considers that the churches would not permit Christians to loan money what would happen for the folks that were not under that dogma. They flourished materially and with that flourishing came much power and influence. Much is the same today. There were some wise men roaming the Middle East deserts over 2000 years ago. Although, I do wonder how much they considered of the dangers of jealousy and envy. Maybe they weren’t wise at all and were under the natural influence  of desires for survival and for their offspring to flourish. Who knows, but much hasn’t seemed to change when it comes to power and influence. It craves money and money it gets.

I do hope that the band is able to produce and distribute this performance. I think it would be worth the effort if possible.

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The first video is Metropolis with Pink Floyd

“I regard anti-Semitism as ineradicable and as one element of the toxin with which religion has infected us. Perhaps partly for this reason, I have never been able to see Zionism as a cure for it. American and British and French Jews have told me with perfect sincerity that they are always prepared for the day when ‘it happens again’ and the Jew-baiters take over. (And I don’t pretend not to know what they are talking about: I have actually seen the rabid phenomenon at work in modern and sunny Argentina and am unable to forget it.) So then, they seem to think, they will take refuge in the Law of Return, and in Haifa, or for all I know in Hebron. Never mind for now that if all of world Jewry did settle in Palestine, this would actually necessitate further Israeli expansion, expulsion, and colonization, and that their departure under these apocalyptic conditions would leave the new brownshirts and blackshirts in possession of the French and British and American nuclear arsenals. This is ghetto thinking, hardly even fractionally updated to take into account what has changed. The important but delayed realization will have to come: Israeli Jews are a part of the diaspora, not a group that has escaped from it. Why else does Israel daily beseech the often-flourishing Jews of other lands, urging them to help the most endangered Jews of all: the ones who rule Palestine by force of arms? Why else, having supposedly escaped from the need to rely on Gentile goodwill, has Israel come to depend more and more upon it? On this reckoning, Zionism must constitute one of the greatest potential non sequiturs in human history.”
― Christopher Hitchens