Otherkin (Irish punks that rock)

Names of bands draw my interest more than it probably should. The game that words play with me saunters me along into a world of my own. By what the research department here has revealed to me; Otherkin describes a subcommunity of individuals that collectively believe they are not human. Well, the music kills any objection I may have to the choice of band name. These punks from Dublin crack the rack with 8 balls for me.  Enough said.

Links to follow Otherkin




“To begin depriving death of its greatest advantage over us, let us adopt a way clean contrary to that common one; let us deprive death of its strangeness, let us frequent it, let us get used to it; let us have nothing more often in mind than death… We do not know where death awaits us: so let us wait for it everywhere.”

“To practice death is to practice freedom. A man who has learned how to die has unlearned how to be a slave.”

– Montaigne.




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