Little Wolves (Psychwave)



This two-man get up from Los Angeles is currently working on new music for a new album. I’ve been holding off sharing them here with anticipation of the new material, but I’ve run out of patience.

One of my nephews recently asked me about what I listen to when listening to music. Do I listen more to the lyrics or beat, and is there anything that I pick to listen for. I told him that I listen to everything, and our discussion went into differing directions, but the question stuck with me, and as all questions that stick with me, I ponder.  I asked myself, how do I listen to music? Is there a common connection between the differing genres of music that is drawn to me? I think it comes down to how music relates to me. From the rhythms, the stories, and all the connections made consciously and subconsciously. Some songs just unravel me. Even if just for a moment or two. I lose myself and become free. So, maybe I listen for which sets me free.

I’ve been listening to Little Wolves for well over a year now. The first song that I will share is a song that I can relate very easily too. The earlier posts on this blog reflect some of my having lost my mind. I reckon that I could say that I’m one of the unfortunate ones that after having lost their minds to have regained it. I have felt a great many feelings in this life, but not one can compare to the feeling of being God’s best friend. There is no rush in a line, needle, bottle or book that can touch that rush no matter the futility to reality and illusion. It’s a hell of a fucking good ride.

Links to the band



275- What is the seal of attained freedom?- No longer being ashamed in front of oneself. (Nietzsche)




Bonus video





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