Dead Skeletons (Psychedelic Rock)



Nonni Dead was born the same year as the writer. What that has to do with anything, I’m not certain, but his band’s art and his personal art touches me. It touches the dark quiet places that I still share with my earlier years. The times when laying in bed at night and a still object in the room would suddenly awake to life through my fear of the darkness. Being too afraid to leave the bed, I would stare at the object until my eyes would adjust well enough to the darkness to determine that it wasn’t any threat at all.  Nonni seems to have a well-adjusted eye when it comes to the darkness and he and this band are a nice little lamp for the trembling little boy within.

It was fifty years ago that The Doors released their first full album. It was yesterday, that I first listened to this group of shamanistic creators. Was Jim Morrison a shaman? Was Jimi? I prefer to hold lightly definitions used to identify and classify anyone into a particular prison of perception, but I do enjoy connecting dots through understanding and understanding without any particular definitions leaves no room for communicating understandings outside of one’s own understanding, and according to my understanding this band is one of the better bands that I have run into, out there making light of the dark.

I’m buying one of their bad ass T-shirts.

Links to the band



Homepage for Nonni Dead (Where the bad ass T-shirts are sold)


Starving Birds

The bird feeder was full to the brim.
Designed to keep squirrels out
It worked perfectly no matter
The starving squirrel’s effort.

The birds bounced underneath
Waiting the squirrel’s patience
As hours passed while the snow
Made memory of new ys.

I awoke to a frozen squirrel
Hanging by a front paw
Entangled in the wire mesh
As the birds gorged







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