Rival Sons (Hard Rocking Blues)

This band from Long Beach, California is the opening act for Black Sabbath so this band isn’t as underground as most that are posted about here, but I just got a first listen to their stuff today and I enjoy what they are creating. The vocals are as strong as any I’ve heard and the groove they produce is perfect for drinking, dancing, and driving. The Town of Hard Rock is chock full of talented bands, and for this band to be opening up for Sabbath says a little about how the cream sometimes rises to the top. They are worth a listen if you enjoy Zoso.

Links to the band




Abel And Cain

A poem by Charles Baudelaire


Race of Abel, sleep and eat;
God smiles on you complacently.

Race of Cain, in mud and filth
You crawl and die in misery.

Abel’s race, your sacrifice
Smells sweet to all the Seraphim!

Race of Cain, your punishment,
Will it be ever at an end?

Race of Abel, see your seed,
Your flocks, your cattle come to good;

Race of Cain, like some old dog
Your empty entrails howl for food.

Race of Abel, warm your belly
By the hearth of countrymen;

Race of Cain, you tremble, freezing,
Lonely jackal, in your den!

Race of Abel, multiply
Even your gold proliferates;

Race of Cain, a burning heart,
Take guard against your appetites.

Race of Abel, chew and swell
Like insects swarming through the woods!

Race of Cain, in deep distress
Your people lag on stony roads.


Race of Abel, see your shame:
The plough is conquered by the pike!

Cain, your modem progeny
Have just begun to do your work;

Race of Abel, carrion,
Manure to feed the steaming sod!

Race of Cain, assault the skies
And drag him earthward – bring down God!


2 responses to “Rival Sons (Hard Rocking Blues)

    • The Jack White refrence is understandable. Jack left few stones unturned in while coming up. He’s been an awesome influence and inspiration for today’s rockers.

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