Barb Wire Dolls (Punk)

This punk band from Greece recently signed on with Motorhead Music. This is subversive, in your loving face punk. Pyn Doll grabs my attention here. Her act comes across as a genuine middle finger to the establishment’s cages, and I for one just adore her for I love to be disturbed. This band won’t be for everyone and never has a punk band been. Pyn reminds me of Wendy O’ Williams in how free she is with her rioting towards the lines of what is acceptable and what ain’t, although Pyn is a bit more refined.

One thing that caught my eye is that Steve Albini produced “The Slit” album. Damn, I love the name of that album. I reckon sex is a bit more palatable with my music than it is with my politicians. Rock n’ Roll has a large lane dozed out for sex to ooze from the pores of the pavement. Punk has a level of total freedom, and the Barb Wire Dolls appear to be taking full advantage of the total freedom that punk provides. One may want to consider what Greece has experienced as a nation during the past decade when looking to understand the theme with this band’s creations. I think that they have found the proper outlet.

Links to the band




UDR/Motorhead Music

“People who work in a factory, right, or some awful fucking mind-numbing job like that – ‘cause I worked in a factory, I know what it’s like; it’s fucking awful, yeah? Most people have to do that kind of job that they hate every day of their lives. Can you imagine what that must be like? You have to submerge your intellect completely, right, and just, y’know, che cha, y’know, and all that. So, at the weekend, they want to hear something that tears the heart out of ‘em and gives it back better.”
― Lemmy Kilmister



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