The Idiot Kids (Dirty Punk)

The name of this band seems appropriate for this day. The day that follows the first debate between two idiots from which we are left to choose from for President of the United States of America. Everybody is a kid to somebody.

These kids from the Detroit area and there isn’t much available about the band. They are about as underground as it gets. I went to their Bandcamp page and liked their stuff there enough to purchase both releases. It’s name your price for the creations. I want to see these guys keep creating so I paid a dollar a song. I think that is fair price, but I don’t really know what is fair. With so many options to stream music and download it with memberships, I just don’t know. I do like how Bandcamp is engineered for the artist. It is simple to use and a great place to find underground  bands and support the ones that we want to keep creating.

I love the vocalist’s vocals. When he stretches his voice, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row comes to mind and that is a pleasant connection for the writer. Watching some of the live videos, I’m disturbed at how Jon-Mikal Bartee dresses during some of their shows, but not at how they perform. I might also want to confess at how I don’t mind being disturbed. It is a portal to understanding my own bias and the folly of bias. So I do like how he dresses and turns my comfort upside down. I reckon he might be a connoisseur of The New York Dolls.

Links to the band



“One can tell a child everything, anything. I have often been struck by the fact that parents know their children so little. They should not conceal so much from them. How well even little children understand that their parents conceal things from them, because they consider them too young to understand! Children are capable of giving advice in the most important matters. How can one deceive these dear little birds, when they look at one so sweetly and confidingly? I call them birds because there is nothing in the world better than birds!”
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot 





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