Lettuce (Funk)

Yesterday, I robbed a liquor store and went and ordered a Lettuce T-shirt with some of the proceeds. I reckoned out of the most conscience absolving places to rob, the liquor store barely eked ahead of the mega church down the road here as a target to rob.  The liquor store being two counties away helped a little also. I plan on going to the mega church and donating tithe from the proceeds and start looking around to where as they are keeping their cash at. I want to plan a trip to see Lettuce live and hopefully there is enough cash there to fund it.

Lettuce is originally from Boston and started playing as a group in 1992. They have been around for longer than any of my children. I do enjoy funk. Vulpeck, another funktastic band, was shared on here over three years ago.

I ran into this band by noticing a t-shirt of a lead singer that performs with a band that will be shared here at a later date. I think that Iron Maiden may be the only band in the world that wears their own t-shirts.  It is one way that I’m finding new bands is while watching live videos. I always look at the garb the artists are wearing. Lettuce has a nice way of selling t-shirts online. Buy a shirt and get an album with it or vice versa. Great marketing and a great way to get your art in people’s ears and backs.

Links to Lettuce




As I handed the twenty to the Uber driver his smile grew after I had just told him that I couldn’t have anyone seeing my car parked at the stripper joint. The liquor store next door to the all  nude club was my intended target. I had hacked into the store’s computers the night before and had the home phone number of the lady working the register. I knew that she had two dependents and both were home due to my having also hacked her phone.

 As I left the car, the sweat was oozing. What a rush. I didn’t need the money. This rush is what I needed. Getting away with something gives me the sweetest adrenaline rush. As I turned the corner I noticed the lot was empty.
 When I walked through the door there was only one employee. I looked at the name tag and had a match to the records I had hacked.
 I picked up a bottle of Sambuca and went to the counter. I showed Nancy my phone with her number in que. I smiled and told her if my number pops up on her home phone within the next ten minutes something bad will happen to her children. Just give me the money and call home in five minutes. Then call the police so you can collect the insurance.
 She cleared all the cash out and handed it to me. I took the bottle and walked calmly to the waiting Uber driver who had waited on me for the extra twenty.
 When I got in the car he asked, “Why so fast?”
 “One of my parishioners is in there.”
 “Well, in that case, let’s get you out of here ASAP.’
 “Much obliged. Obliged a thousand times.”

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