Abecedarians (Mid 80’s Goth/Post Punk)

Joy Division is a band that is embedded in my cells. I have figured that David Bowie, Lou Reed and the Doors influenced Joy Division. Every band has to be inspired and influenced by something. I suspect that Abecedarians, an 80’s band from Los Angeles, was influenced by Joy Division. Joy Division seems to have rooted in enough bands over time that they could be considered the first to do what they did well enough to stand on their own as groundbreaking artists. Admittedly, my attachment to Joy Division may be fogging my perspective.

I can’t find any recorded evidence of Abecedarians influencing any later more popular artists in the way that Big Star influenced REM as an example. I’ve read some comments about how folks heard them on the radio on the west coast and went and found their album back in the day. It seemed as if those that enjoyed the band back then had found an old love by rediscovering Abecedarians. I can understand how this could be since I have been listening to them for the last couple of days here and the vibrations are near timeless.

Link to the band




“When routine bites hard, and ambitions are low. When resentment rides high, but emotion won’t grow…and we’re changing our ways, taking different roads. Love will tear us apart.”

― Ian Thomas Curtis


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