Savages at the Grog (Live Action Report)

A couple of middle-aged men in the middle of a mosh pit having the time of their lives for a couple of hours off Coventry Road in Cleveland, Ohio on May 18th. That was the Dr. and I. The flow of energy that transpired between the artists and  the subjects that night are of something rural and religious. The energy was of a primal raw spiritual essence at The Grog that night. It felt akin to a southern Baptist revival where snakes are handled and their venom is drunk from jars as is clear cut shine. When Jhenny, the lead singer, crowd surfed it was as if the crowd was handling a venomous snake and the crowd desired to handle the snake that had welcomed us into the den of her cosmos. I was a sweating beast as the last number was rocked and the pressure of the mosh pit from all sides of my being left me feeling as one in this little cosmos as I surrendered safely to the pressure of the mob. For two hours, I lost myself and felt young, infinite and free. I got much more than I bargained for that night and am full of gratitude for the experience.

Some side notes on the night’s experience:

The Grog has to be one of the best venues in the world for artists on the rise. It’s well operated and the environment just prods the essence of the underground.

After the show, one young fan said to another in reference to the writer, that they didn’t have to worry about getting old. That they would still be able to punk out. I put both arms around them boys and told them not to worry, just do what feels right and punk on.

The opening band was Head Wound City. A noisegrind punk band from Philly that was full of energy during their set. Here is their latest video released on YouTube.

The original post about the Savages here from three years ago.

At one point during the show, I had to bear the full weight of Jhenny during one of her crowd surfs. Her back was facing me and I caught her with both hands on her hips. I felt as Hercules pushing her back up of my left shoulder which I had to use to cushion the draw of gravity on her. I can’t put into words how precious she felt as I spent everything I had in that moment to protect her and push her up in the air to allow help to come. Just a moment that I couldn’t go away from this post without sharing.

The night for the Dr and I ended in a hot tub under the stars. Lord knows how many beers that we had consumed by 4:00 a.m., but if only our livers could count then maybe we would know. Listening to Lou Reed’s Rock n Roll Animal. The influence upon bands like Joy Division and others is so easy to hear. I’m going to spend more time on listening to Lou. Thanks, Doc. Also thanks for being aggressive enough at the show to get the both of us up to the second row at the show. He just goes and I follow at shows. He is a pro at getting the both of us the best possible experience. It is a craft that he is most skilled at.

I also would like to share that the Lifeproof case for iPhones does indeed work. The Dr. dropped his phone into the hot tub and it was submerged for at least twenty seconds as two drunkards with panic searched for it as it swished around on the bottom of the tub. That damn case worked.




The first reason for man’s inner slavery is his ignorance of himself. Without self-knowledge, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave. This is why in all ancient teachings the first demand at the beginning of the way to liberation was: ‘Know thyself’. ~George Gurdjieff








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