Sa Roc (Hip Hop)

Subversion comes to mind when I dig through some of the most mysterious and beautiful to me artists from this genre. I find myself very attracted to art that spits flames towards pious authorities. I think back to Jim Morrison and his lyric about us remembering when we were in Africa.  Science reports that this is almost definitively true. That the human species originated in Africa. All of our blood regardless of how the light reflects from our skin is most likely born of Africa. The symbols of African spirituality do draw a sense of warmth to what may best be described as the I of me.

I can’t find anything wrong with Sa-Rock. Her Raps speak to a deeper sense of myself. The part that knows slavery still exists. Intolerance is slavery. It speaks to the truth of a society that measures individuals by what they have over what they give and do. A society that simply lives in fear of love. A society that thrives on celebrity, materialism, attention and adulation will exist in fear of love it seems.

I’m short on time and I simply encourage you to listen to her art and what she is expressing.

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Beasts Bounding Through Time

Van Gogh writing his brother for paints
Hemingway testing his shotgun
Celine going broke as a doctor of medicine
the impossibility of being human
Villon expelled from Paris for being a thief
Faulkner drunk in the gutters of his town
the impossibility of being human
Burroughs killing his wife with a gun
Mailer stabbing his
the impossibility of being human
Maupassant going mad in a rowboat
Dostoyevsky lined up against a wall to be shot
Crane off the back of a boat into the propeller
the impossibility
Sylvia with her head in the oven like a baked potato
Harry Crosby leaping into that Black Sun
Lorca murdered in the road by Spanish troops
the impossibility
Artaud sitting on a madhouse bench
Chatterton drinking rat poison
Shakespeare a plagiarist
Beethoven with a horn stuck into his head against deafness
the impossibility the impossibility
Nietzsche gone totally mad
the impossibility of being human
all too human
this breathing
in and out
out and in
these punks
these cowards
these champions
these mad dogs of glory
moving this little bit of light toward us

by Charles Bukowski





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