DUCKWRTH (Rhythm Assisted Poetry)

There was a time in my life where RAP didn’t have any chance of being appreciated or enjoyed by the writer here. I was very close minded to art and the beauty beyond what I was conditioned to appreciate by daily relationships and the authorities of those relationships that had formed my small windowed perception with appreciating art. I had accepted metal and old country as the only forms worth listening to for a long time. An example of this for me would be how I once looked at Prince as an artist not worthy of my attention. I can’t really pinpoint the reason for that other than my having allowed friends to influence my perspective on Prince. I was a slave to other perspectives as I was fearful of those friends ostracizing me for being different. I longed for acceptance. The wife reminded me of this when sharing with me her pain of the passing on of Prince. How she remembered that I acted with disgust when she first informed me of her appreciation for Prince and his art. I had a good laugh and sit here grateful that I am a bit more open-eared than I once was.

Duckworth is from Los Angles. I haven’t listened to enough popular Rap to know or not how good or bad this stuff is. I really like and enjoy cruising the highway with this stuff busting vibrations on blast volume. The lyrics are well pointed and plenty deep enough. This was an easy choice from the list to share. I desired to share an underground artist where I felt a Prince influence. The first artist and song that came along was Psycho from Duckwrth. Towards the end of the song, I hear two words. Dearly Beloved.  I suspect that Prince has strongly influenced today’s art much more than we all collectively consciously realize.:).

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Sitting here reminiscing about how influential Prince is with popular forms of music today. My Facebook feed has morphed into a Princebook feed with the passing on of Prince Rogers Nelson.  Mr. Nelson crossed lines artistically and challenged authority with his art. He met his life’s purpose on his terms and did it his way. I don’t really mourn his passing on for I understand that life is death. As nature and nurture are one in the same as is life and death as I understand it. The game may change at death, but the cards remain the same. The pain that the world feels today seems simply pieces of this realm that will accompany Prince as the game changes for him. As I write this, the pain is creeping within. I won’t stop it. Every glance at Facebook increases my feelings for friends and family that are sharing the loss of their pieces with Prince.  It feels good to see how an artist can connect to so many. It is sad that the realization of the collective connection is not so easily seen until an iconic artist passes on.  I do pray that Mr. Nelson travels well, for I think it will be with a heavy load that he travels for the pieces of affection going with him would be back breaking, which makes things as they are for him probably best and that is his being without the body. Travel well, Mr. Nelson and thank you for being you.


3 responses to “DUCKWRTH (Rhythm Assisted Poetry)

  1. I listened to the track Psycho. I think these fellows stick out as actual musicians. When you listen to the man sing, he is not using auto tune. It is real. The bass line is actually played, some piano parts are actually made. The beat is probably is manufactured, and that is fine. Unlike a lot of rap and hip hop these days, there is depth in the lyrical content. One of my friends used to say, ” I liked Rap when it was about your Sneakers and Gold chains.” I am going to look at more of your posts now. Scour what I have been missing. Find some new tunes!

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