The Bohicas (Indie Rock)

A black left-handed six string ripping and roaring guitar player is one hell of an attention attraction here. Don’t take that as any attempt to compare, but just a reflection of how the past can push me to allow the present to be influenced. Yes, I am experienced.

I don’t notice any real groundbreaking edges to their creations, but talented and smooth as a soft serve cone from a small town ice cream parlor  these fellars are. The Bohicas are from Essex, England. The same Exxex that a certain chef who wears no clothes and is a strong proponent of breastfeeding is reportedly from. It is rare for me to find a man against breastfeeding… especially naked ones.

I’m really digging Dominic John, the guitarist. Nostalgia and his skillful riffs and leads suck me easily into a pleasant zone of no shits given. I sense influences from the Artic Monkeys, Dead Weather, and Foals. I wrote that without reading any bios on The Bohicas, so take that for what it’s worth. I would love to hear other perspectives.

Links to the band




Your past only exists because you think about it.
Your fears, your frustrations, only exist because you think about them.
Where would they come from if you didn’t think about them,
if you didn’t bring them into play in the present?
Where would they come from?
How would they be there?
You are the cause of all of your problems.
– Ponder this.

~Robert Adams –




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