Trampolene – Jack Jones (Revisited)

One of the aspects of putting an underground type music based blog together is being able to keep track of how some artists ascend in popularity,  stay the course or slide into joining the rest of us that reside in the temple of ordinary. I have to admit that when I started this blog it was mostly out of a desperate egotistical attempt to break free of being ordinary. Two weeks after I snorted my last opiate  was when this little experiment of writing and blogging began in February 2013.  I would also have to admit that one thing that I feared (among many others) in getting clean was that I would lose the love for music that drugs had played me into thinking that they opened up a higher level of appreciation and enjoyment of music. I can’t really negate that drugs did play a part in my affection for music, but I also can’t negate that role that music has played in keeping me sober of opiates over the past three years. I am also grateful for the understanding of how freeing it is to be ordinary. So, now when I see an artist/s that I have shared here gain some popularity it causes me a little concern to go along with happiness I feel for them. It is similar to the same feeling when our children get recognition for doing well. It is  easy to lose a sense of our own  self-cultivated contentedness when we grow wildly dependent on the attention of others for being whole or content by my experience. I suspect it wise to recognize the trappings of attention while not despairing the joy of the trappings. Now, on to the original intent of this post.

I first shared Trampolene here back in 2014.  Trampolene has shown a record of beautiful creative maddness since I have started following them. New material flows from this band like no other  band that I follow. I don’t think it would be to much of a gamble to say that the lead vocalist is the fire that burns their joint to their level of creativity. Jack Jones seems a poet that happens to love making music. Recently he penned an article for The Guardian and I found his perspective on the Millennial Generation interesting and a worthy read for anyone that has children growing up during the current age. While reading his words about how the internet and smartphones have affected his generation’s development, my thoughts turned to what I see during the day among all ages. And that is there is no age gap for how technology has us quelling the burden of boredom by each touch or swipe of our phones. Technology has affected all of our development. Only time will tell as to how good or ill a development it will be.

Here is a link to the article. (Link)

He is a quote pulled from the article that I found a bit fascinating and found a connection for myself being in the middle. I reckon the few regular readers here  may find themselves in the middle also.

“But while the pre-teens go to One Direction and those who are 35 and over go to see bands who had one hit decades ago and are now touring at £50 a ticket, those of us in the middle are left blasting away in our fragmented world of endless choice.”


Posting a few videos of poems by Jack and a song by Trampolene.

“We’re all flawed human beings and we all have a cauldron of psychosis which we have to unravel as we grow older and find the way we fit in to live our lives as best as possible.” – Tom Hardy




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