My Disco (Post Punk Industrial)

This Melbourne, Australian  band’s creations will rattle your trunk welds loose with the right stereo get up in your car. Curiosity with these vibrations have caused a pleasant habit for me with this band. Driving down the highway to and from work, it always perks my senses up when one of this bands tunes starts thumping along for the ride. The timing and calming drone of each tune metastasizes into a greater appreciation on each successive listen. It is so calming and it helps thrust me into a state of meditative peacefulness. May not be the best band to listen to while driving when considering my health and insurance rates, but driving can be a form of meditation for me as it is when driving alone. A different listen here, but capable of growing on curious ears.

These guys have been at it since 2003. I will copy and past a description from their record label and the link from which it is swiped. (linked)

“MY DISCO have always employed space as an instrument. Space between notes; space between instruments; even space between albums, as the Australian trio prepare to release Severe, their first full-length record in nearly five years. More than just a title, Severe pushes MY DISCO’s subtle, intensely focused, minimalist sound to its most terrifying extreme. It is bleak, occasionally uncomfortable, and unpredictably profound. Severe is an album of aggravated tonal darkness and long breaths of disturbing silence, punctuated by pounding stabs and heavy, hypnotic rhythms. It is a minimalist approach to maximum sound, and by far the band’s darkest, heaviest, and most consistent album of MY DISCO’s burgeoning career.”

Links to Band




The first two video is from the recently released “Severe” Album, which can be purchased through the bandcamp page. The second video is off their “The Joy” album. The last video is a live cut from 2011.

Bonus Video- If you enjoyed the first three than this will be worth your time. (found it after posting the first three.:) )


“Monks, a friend endowed with seven qualities is worth associating with. Which seven? He gives what is hard to give. He does what is hard to do. He endures what is hard to endure. He reveals his secrets to you. He keeps your secrets. When misfortunes strike, he doesn’t abandon you. When you’re down & out, he doesn’t look down on you. A friend endowed with these seven qualities is worth associating with.”

“He gives what is beautiful,
hard to give,
does what is hard to do,
endures painful, ill-spoken words.

“His secrets he tells you,
your secrets he keeps.

“When misfortunes strike,
he doesn’t abandon you;
when you’re down & out,
doesn’t look down on you.

“A person in whom these traits are found,
is a friend to be cultivated
by anyone wanting a friend.”

Mitta Sutta: A Friend, translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu








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