IKON (Dark Goth Wave Post Punk) 25th Anniversary

Life seems to have it’s way with me, no matter how the I of me chooses to perceive. When I was a young man, I would see a fellow person expressing themselves through a sense of Gothic expression. I didn’t understand so I feared. The fear created separation and thus fragmented and corrupted my perception of Gothic expression. The fear entrenched and hardened ignorance leaving me no choice but to keep my distance as fear often pushes me to avert that which I fear instead of accepting through a process of curiosity without the weight of measurement on my perspective. I think it takes love and understanding of the I of me to enter into weightless curiosity.

There is a young lady who is a student in high school. She participates and excels in normal school activities. She expresses herself through her appearance in traditional Goth fashion. I can honestly say that I have not heard or overheard one parent or student make any disparaging comments of her appearance. She seems accepted by the elders of the community by what I can sense. This is a beautiful humane experience to me, to suspect that she is accepted as she is and can express her being as she sees best for her experience.

As I have grown older, I’m grateful that life has had enough of it’s way with me to see and accept so much more than what I was able in my youth. Goth art is such a wonderful honest expression of the human condition, that for a long time I ran from it like it was a hungry bear. Well, it was hungry and getting to understand the goth within me has been akin to maybe wrassling a bear, but it has been wonderful for me to come to know. The Frankenstein that I had become that I had to become intimate with to know love has been well worth the wrassling.

IKON is an awesome Australian band from Melbourne. I don’t know if their creativity has been much appreciated outside their home country. To have created for a quarter of a century and not be well known is a testament to endurance and doing what they want. The certainly are very musical and this music will help connect you to your darkness by my experience.  The spiritual warmth that creaks up my spine while listening in solitude grows an attachment to their music that I can’t really explain with language. They bring my blood to dance.

IKON Links



The first video shared reminds me of one of my favorite artists of my youth. Oh, how odd is it that Johnny Cash wore black. :).  The other two videos are just a couple of many that deserve the attention of curious ears.

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.” – Rumi




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