Isle of Ignorance (Political Perspective)

I’m very hesitant to share what I’m seeing. I don’t know anything, but do understand that any attempt at doing good is going to have bad residing on the isle of ignorance. These words are not a knowing. I want to make that very clear. It is just what I am seeing at the moment and want no authority to another on their perspective. This is just an attempt to release infection from what is creating despair within. Writing is akin to white blood cells for me. Writing is penicillin for my dis ease with what is, of this realm of insanity.  Politics points to so much corruption, indifference, stupidity and nonsensical reasoning that it is somewhat overwhelming to give much of my attention towards. So this little piece is not an educated or fully informed perspective. It may very well indeed be insanity responding to insanity.

The first realization that I had about Trump, was how so many of my friends are drawn to him because he says what many people think. I suspect for quite some time, that many folks have suppressed their infections by being forced to hold their conditioning of indifference and intolerance by the way of societal pressures of political correctness. This approach by society is akin to putting band-aids on infectious open sores without prescribing an antibiotic to get to the root of the infection. The lure of Trump allows these infections to escape, although it is quite ugly to see for some of us that have found the coordinates to our own Isle of Ignorance.

There are other factors involved and one is that Trump seems an Idol of Greed, an Idol of Intolerance, and an Idol of Authority. People who live in fear of fear are easily lured to authoritarian figures. It is fear of responsibility from the many that give authoritarian figures the fuel to dominate the fearful.  In reality, all figures of authority utilize fears skillfully to bring the fearful into dutiful obedience which causes the fearful one to lose reality regarding responsibility. The fearful, paranoid individual finds relevance or purpose in the association with a greater cause. Authority skillfully utilizes cause as a means to establish power through the collective obedience of many. Authority promises to protect the fearful from their fears with ideas. Ideas that never seem to come close to fruition with reality. And this seemingly reality to me could be applicable to each and every leader that has aspiringly taken up the yoke of authority for a cause.  From Moses, Bonaparte, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, Hitler, Gandhi, JFK, MLK, Pol Pot to Trump. It seems the same recipe at the root to me no matter the level of acceptance or aversion to their causes.

The White Evangelical Christian sect is clearly very conservative. It is very clear to me, when I see preachers like Franklin Graham and Jerry Falwell Jr offer full fledged support for Trump, that they are sub slaves to the paranoia that literal interpretations of esoteric teachings leaves in thickets on the Isle of Ignorance. The throngs of this sect rely on second handed spirituality and rarely have the first hand experience that the Bible seems can be a guide post for. These preachers and the like seem an abomination to the truth that Jesus probably pointed towards. They capitalize on the fear of the unknown and present a long accepted known apparently created by men to shield the fear of the unknown in the the form of a service, sacrifice or cause. Their literalness does not allow for freedom of experience and realized relation to other forms of Christianity and littler yet of other forms of worship and ways of coping with the unknown of our existence in this realm. So these Christian Literalists must defend their interpretations and keep their collection of fearful paranoids into their flock of obedience. Without a flock, the purpose and meaning to these egotistical preachers of literalness simply would lose the authority that they materially profit greatly from. It also seems true that Free Thinking and Christian Literalness can’t exist collectively.  That seemingly fact doesn’t leave much for these folks to support when it comes to politics. The professional conservative politician has abused the authority that has gotten them elected by not always hoeing the row that this sect has laid out to be hoed. So it does stand to reason why these preachers in this sect have gotten behind the Trump movement. They are rebelling against having been abused by professional politicians, which has left them with the feeling of despair. They are turning to Trump to turn that despair into hope it seems, and may be lacking the foresight to see beyond the thickets of their ignorance.  I’m sure it is more complicated than this, but this is what comes to mind while letting the infection out.  This is not meant to be mean spirited or divisive. I understand it this way. It doesn’t mean my understanding is right or wrong. I don’t mind being right or wrong.

I could write so much more, but this is enough for now. I’ll exit with an interesting quote that I ran into while contemplating this post.

“Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. No one in this world, so far as I know—and I have researched the records for years, and employed agents to help me— has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.”
–H.L. Mencken, Notes on Democracy (1926)

This post is going to be a running dated post to just record perspective on political and or societal issues. Nobody will probably ever read this other than possibly my children or grandchildren and that will probably be after I have exhaled my last breath. It is basically will be a running post from below. An uneducated perspective that deserves no attention and asks for none.


While reading A Testament of Hope, I had the realization how important that the feeling of shame is to peaceful aimed protest. How it is imperative that authority have the capability to feel shame for oppressing acts. I also sense that a great deal of my fellow citizens has had their ability to feel empathy for the poor and downtrodden systematically removed through conservative propaganda over the media. The media went under a massive change during the late 80’s when the Media Fairness Act was disemboweled by the Reagan administration. Rush Limbaugh and his tripe rose to infect the nation’s consciousness soon thereafter. Limbaugh had very little empathy for the poor and no real ideas to foster good opportunities for the poor to find their talents and utilize them for a reasonable path out of being in the lower caste.  Other than pulling their bootstraps up, little was discussed on his show by what I can remember. Other conservative news outlets sprouted up under the cloak of being fair and balanced and contributed to the conditioning of removing empathy for the poor and minorities. To keep it short, it seems obvious enough that the peaceful non-violent approach to change that was somewhat successful for Gandhi and MLK has little or no real chance of forcing better opportunities for the segments of this society that may most need opportunity if authority has not enough conscience to feel shame over their oppressive practices.

It is also clear that on the flip side of things, the Liberal authorities need the downtrodden to stay fired up and active to hold the reigns of their purpose. A happy content person is more than likely to be unconcerned with political movements, unless the source of being content is under threat by reality or delusion. If everyone had a more fair and balanced opportunity to find and utilize their talents with purpose and meaning than what level of importance would politics be?

“A constant study and ceaseless experimentation on the phenomenon is necessary to gather every bit of authentic information about this supremely important activity of the human brain. I am firmly convinced that the life, safety, survival, peace, progress and happiness of the race, both now and in the future, depend on this experimentation and the results that will flow therefrom.

I say this because, at this time, the learned world is in a state of confusion about the purpose of human life. The issue whether consciousness or inanimate matter is the basal substance of the universe is still a moot subject among the learned. The religious-minded, on the other side, are no less divided among themselves. In this conflict and clash of views, both in the temporal and spiritual areas pertaining to life, humanity blunders on completely unaware of her destiny.”– Gopi Krishna


Just after watching this video, a friend on Facebook posted that some of her images had been flagged for being offensive. Her photos were of her breast feeding her infant. Is there any more beautiful image of human compassion than a mother nourishing her infant with her breast? I instantly see how ancients came to understand the earth as our mother when seeing her images shared. How can we be so divided by such beauty? What conditions a mind to see vile in such an image of beautiful compassion?

“You may be very clever in your studies, in your job, in being able to argue very cleverly, reasonably, but that is not intelligence. Intelligence goes with love and compassion, and you cannot come upon that intelligence as an individual. Compassion is not yours or mine like thought is not yours or mine. When there is intelligence, there is no me and you. And intelligence does not abide in your heart or your mind. That intelligence which is supreme is everywhere. It is that intelligence that moves the earth and the heavens and the stars, because that is compassion.”- JK

To be respectable in a corrupt society one must be corrupted.



I read tonight that Ted Cruz and Trump both suggest heavy police presence in neighborhoods that have a high density of Muslim faith residents due to the Brussels tragedy.  This seems a step or two away from putting folks in internment camps to me with this ideology. The more a group of people is oppressed for shared truths, the stronger their belief as individuals in that shared truth will be. The more oppressed by authority the more heavy to cling to the truth as true it seems. Oppression makes a held belief worth dying for.

The more a group of people is oppressed for shared truths, the stronger their belief as individuals in that shared truth will be.  Oppression makes a held belief worth dying for.  Freedom makes a held belief worth living for.

The thing is it seems that my country has used the idea of Independence and Democracy as bait. Kind of like a drug dealer will bait potential addicts with some freebies. Once these nations get to liking the ideas of Independence and Democracy, we swoop in and attempt to control the process that these nations go through and these nations never have a reasonable opportunity to lead themselves according to their own desires which mostly will be fueled by each particular countries culture. Freedom at least collectively will always be chained by culture. Not that that is good or bad it just seems what is.








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