Post War Glamour Girls (Artistic Post Punk)

When anyone had asked me in the past, what is my favorite book? I would struggle with the answer, for I really couldn’t measure books that I have experienced in a way to claim a favorite. I finally, one day just answered with what is an apparent truth and that is that my favorite book is always the one that I’m currently reading.

Occasionally, I will run into a book that finishes me before I even come close to the final period. One such book is Eat, Pray and (I can’t remember) by Elizabeth Gilbert. I got forty pages into it and a realization came to me how it is important to recognize what am I learning or not learning about myself with what I read, as I threw the book across the room, while laying bed and then reaching for a new book to peruse from one of the stacks by the bed. The new book is an old book about J. Edgar Hoover. I’m learning a lot from this disturbing book about a man whose name remains on a building of seemingly great importance. It is a well timed piece to read considering that the state is locked in a battle over the personal privacy of Apple products. It’s fairly easy to see that while Hoover in body has been passed for over 40 years, but his spirit of striving for absolute control is still alive and well within a most secret sect of authority in my country.

It is what it is….

Now, when someone also asks me who my favorite musician or band is, I quickly answer that it is what ever one I am currently listening to.  Post War Glamour Girls is currently my favorite band. I have whittled a couple thousand underground bands down to around 150 to work off to share on here. I went through ten or so, until I came up on PWGG again. As I went further into the catalog of this band from Leeds, England, the sounds just exploded through my lower extremities. I would catch my legs bouncing and my head bobbing. The lyrics are fairly easy to decipher so that took my mind off what my body was doing.

Their music connects me to so many past bands and musicians it is crazy to even really list out what I can hear in their creations. Joy Division seems to be a big part of the tree, that much of the newer music that draws my attention, which seems plucked as fruit from. This band has seemed to have plucked fruits from many trees and sweet fruit it is to this writers ears. The vocals blended between James Smith and Alice Scott takes advantage of a flow that provides a natural beauty between their highs and lows. The lyrics are poetic and can lean on the edge of nonsense, which I fully embrace and approve.

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“Respecting my own ancestral culture and all ancestral culture seems to become corrupt when I see my own culture as something to be possessed as more than a culture I cannot with reason lay claim with. Envy can arise to the point of becoming destructive. Why is it that I have fear of my race not being dominate? Why do I cling to my culture and ancestry as I do. Why does that have so much meaning and why do I give it the meaning that I do?
Culture is important and points to understanding me it seems. It points to where I have been as well as where I’m going. My culture races through my veins as the earth spins in tune with it’s own existence. It is a shame that such a wonderful thing as culture can be corrupted by fear and the desire to be better over it. Truly tragic it seems.’ – Unknown





7 responses to “Post War Glamour Girls (Artistic Post Punk)

  1. Love the live song. Man, what would a fellow pay to be able to play in a room with such natural verb.. Yeah, culture, um, I do not think I have any, does television count? Scary, is it not? Now I will set about hunting for more live tracks by the group. Thank.

    • I have enjoyed listening to the live cut numerous times. I like everything about this band. On culture, I see every single conscious person as having it. I don’t see how one can escape it. One may be able to escape the measuring of it, but then how would one appreciate the beauty of it without some form of measurement? Unless one can appreciate the all of it as beauty and the obvious deformity which can be unknotted by understanding it seems. The culture that sells their young daughters to kings for their harems is very deformed to my conditioning, but that is what that culture accepts so I have to go into that practice of their culture to understand it and why it is a deformity to me. If one speaks a language, than that one is separated by language, becomes a member of that culture of language. The south here speaks with an accent that differs from the north. The differences create a line of differing cultures between the two English speaking groups. So maybe you do have culture, if you are open to the apparent groups that you are a part of due to where you grew up, and how your parent/s customs and ways of being rubbed off on you. Also, Television is a huge factor on culture. All the arts are and Television is a large medium for the arts. Thanks for commenting bro, and happy hunting.

      • Definitely see you’re point of view. Yes by region and language , as well as my education, I have been enveloped. I find thru tv, radio, computer, that pop culture has given me some sort of dishonest influence. I mean, I like the blues, tho I am not from the delta. My family were from some kind of foothills of Appalachia coal mine village, yet that is not my hillibillie thing, they did not dance around, sing n stuff. I have done tons of Master Drawings from Baroque Italy, tho I am not catholic, I learned a lot.. Strange, huh? I do not know what to say, except your website is a great source for me. Take care!

  2. I like this band – yeah – Joy Division and New Order with more bite. And nothing like a guitar that sneers out of the industrial punk haze to grab you. I hear what you are saying about books and bands: when you are immersed in – it is your favorite—–So I guess we only know the ones that stick when we move on to something else? Those words and songs that just won’t leave — they make a home and move in for good.

    • Yep. I just thought of how I treat books after I have read them. There are two destinies. One destiny is put away. The other is to be in a select group to be read again. So I do get a bit more out of some than others but I struggle picking favorites. I recall Steinbeck writing in a letter about how the good always sticks around. I’m thinking he was right, with some consideration to there always being exceptions.
      Thanks for sharing insight and commenting. Appreciate it.

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