Super Bowl at 50 (Perspective)

Super Bowl at 50. It has evolved or devolved into a maniacal consuming driven theatrical production where the game has now replaced the ads as the time to relieve oneself for a majority of the viewers. The pure is seemingly always muddied by popularity.

Super Bowl 1 halftime show


3 responses to “Super Bowl at 50 (Perspective)

  1. Yes – it is too big and the game is too big – it is a victim of its own success – remember “Up with People”? – possibly the low point of western culture in my lifetime — and I did enjoy the game -Enjoy great defense.

    • I enjoy watching the game. It is fun to watch people do things that I can’t. Even though the violence of it disturbs. I can’t give it up. One thing about the game is that it brings people together.
      I only got to watch the first half and Miller reminded me of LT. How he made the ten other teammates jobs so much easier. I have a Bronco fan as a friend and I’m happy he had a lot of fun last night. It’s kind of crazy how the game is almost a side show to the whole of the package we call Super Bowl. It is still the main attraction, but for how long is a fair question I think.
      I also was disturbed by some social media comments by friends that didn’t care for Newtons behavior after the game. I’m seeing the word thug as a code word for the N word. I might be to cynical, but then I might not.
      Thanks for shooting the bull. Always appreciate your perspective.

      • I agree with your assessment of defeated Cam – people have made up their minds where he fits and as soon as he does something remotely close – they jam him right into that box.

        It is sad – and ultimately says more about them than him.

        I give the dude a break – at 17-1 – he really had no time to practice great losing sportsmanship during the year!

        I rarely watch the Superbowl – I have some kind of mental block about it…..but my 14 year old loves the Broncos – and I watched the second half with him. I owed him that…and damn if I did not find myself enjoying something. Peace to you my friend.

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