David Jones (Table round of rock)

David Jones now sits at the table round of rock. I follow over 1300 bands on Facebook, and my feed has been a Starbook  over the last two days. It is incredible how many differing styles of musicians hold David as an incredible influence over their creativity. I don’t have much to add to what is all over social media regarding his career. I wasn’t going to post about his passing due to the amount already out there on him, but our daughter noticed that David had one pupil larger than the other, than on the radio a caller called in and shared that he became an eye doctor partially by becoming infatuated with David’s eyes. Maybe the daughter is to become an eye doctor. :). Who knows, but David for good or ill left one hell of a mark on humanity by what I can see.

Here is a few videos from David and the first one is one that probably won’t be shared much here in the foggy states of America. It wont pass through the fog.


As there is oil in sesame seed
and a spark in flint
thus your Beloved is in your body.
Wake it if you can.
As the pupil is in the eye
so is the creator in the body.
The fool does not know this secret
and runs outside
looking for it in vain.
That what you seek
is in the four corners of the earth.
It is inside,
you do not see it,
because it lives behind the veils of illusion.

Kabir Sahib


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