All Tvvins (Rock)

Staying with synchronicity here, as band members of All Tvvins have been shared here before in The Cast of Cheers. Also members are from Adebisi Shank, who I thought that I had shared here, but can find no record of having done so.  Ireland is like a swollen tick with musical creativity. My fellow man here in the idiot states is missing out on most of it due to the commercialized entertainment industry here that has one of the easiest aims in the world because the listener base here is so easily conditioned by commercialization.  It’s not that popular music is bad, because it is very good, but there is so much more to taste than what is served on the American commercialized musical menu by my perspective.

If you like what you hear from All Tvvins, than I suggest going to their Sargenthouse page here. I see no use in wasting time in condensing all the information on the band that is posted there. Sargenthouse does an excellent job with their artist’s pages that they have signed.

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The first tune is scheduled to be on a soccer video game soundtrack that is being released this year. This song has good flow and it easy to sense how well to different styles of bands came together and created something that has a bit of commercial appeal in verse and string.




Among the flowers a drink of wine.

I sit alone without a friend.

So I invite the moon,

Then see my shadow, make us three.

The moon can’t know how to drink,

Since just my shadow drinks with me.

The moon brought shadow along

To keep me silent company.

Joy should reflect the season.

I sing. That makes the Moon reel.

Get up. Make my shadow sway.

While I’m here let’s celebrate.

When I’m drunk each seek the Way,

Tie ourselves to Eternal Journeys,

Swear to meet again in the Milky Way.


If the heavens were not in love with wine,

There’d be no Wine Star in the sky.

And if earth wasn’t always drinking,

There’d be nowhere called Wine Spring.

I’ve heard that pure wine makes the Sage.

Even the cloudy makes us wise.

If even the wise get there through drink,

What’s the point of True Religions?

Three times and I understand the Way,

Six and I’m one again with Nature.

Only the things we know when we’re drunk

Can never be expressed when we’re sober.


Third month in Ch’ang-an city,

Knee-deep in a thousand fallen flowers.

Alone in Spring who can stand this sadness?

Or sober see transient things like these?

Long life or short, rich or poor,

Our destiny’s determined by the world.

But drinking makes us one with life and death,

The Myriad Things we can barely fathom.

Drunk, Heaven and Earth are gone.

Stilled, I clutch my lonely pillow.

Forgetting that the Self exists,

That is the mind’s greatest joy.

Li Po






4 responses to “All Tvvins (Rock)

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. Take all the time needed. As the old saying goes about what we miss, we grow fonder. I do miss your posts, but I’ll just grow fonder with patience. Glad to hear from you.

    • Just because it’s on my mind. I was reading an interview of Bukowski by Sean Peen today. The old shit commented about writing mostly for himself and a selective audience. I’m glad I get what he meant and glad that you hang around. Thanks.

      • I have to take my time because it’s not keeping a polite schedule and has to run its own course. The hardest thing is the person that would give me all I would need during a time like this is the one I don’t have—-I will get through to a different place —- and I am glad that a few friends remain out here.

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