Val Normal (Powered Progressive Math Rock)

This three artist group is from Dublin, Ireland. The writer is not usually drawn to mathematical influenced created vibrations, but as old sages have said,  there are always exceptions to every rule. The power combined with their unique progressions of different levels of rockage variety within each tune keeps my full attention. There seems a Tool influence and I would venture to say this a a branch from the Tool tree. I really enjoy listening to these excellent musicians. The last Math band that was shared here was in 2013 called The Cast of Cheers.

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The first and second songs are newer tunes recorded by Press Record Studios

This song is taken of their 2013, Plans? What Plans?, album. The song is instrumental called ” Hailstone(rs)”.

Enjoying the benefits of privileged status may require patience to traffic jams caused by the lesser statuses on occasion. The right to peacefully protest gives the privileged protection by fooling the lesser statuses into thinking they not need to knock down the privilege’s door with violent force. So if stuck in traffic due to a protest it may be wise to be patient and enjoy all the amenities in your vehicles and maintain your sense of dignity for the cause of long term privilege. The protests are only temporary as the lesser privileged will soon be distracted by entertainment again once they have peacefully walked off their anxieties. – Unknown





3 responses to “Val Normal (Powered Progressive Math Rock)

  1. Hey, I just wanted to drop you a note. Remember when I told you that I bought a Bass? Well, I have now ordered a snare drum, a stand , and some jazz brushes.. I will get it in about a week. It has been driving me crazy not to have a back-beat. I thought I would start slow, just with the snare. Then just get a bass drum later, high-hat and a ride cymbal, that’s it. Haven’t behind a trap-set since the early 1990’s . Should help me tremendously with song-writing.

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