Merry Christmas or whatever the Hell you want to call it for yourself.

This is the worst and best time of the year depending on perspective reality. There have been lonely Christmas’s and full house Christmas’s experienced for the writer. If it weren’t for the lonely ones, the full ones would not be nearly as appreciated as they are now. As the number of Christmas’s pile up with age, the prospect of this one being the last one makes me grateful to experience another one. Time spent with love and care with loved ones is plenty enough to be content with no matter the conditions implied behind the meaning of the gathering. Being a social creature; it does me good to socialize with relations.

As a child, Christmas started with the arrival of the Sears and Roebuck Christmas catalog. I would spend many a time leafing through it and pointing out my desires to my parents. I never really did make a list for Santa. Dad was a truth teller so we were told his truth at a young age, and that truth did not include some red suit wearing chubby dude from the northern axis of this planet. I love my Dad for that. His truths probably saved my life when I was at my lowest. He never faltered in his faith no matter how much he suffered from cancer during his last days with us in body, and it definitely soothed my emptiness from losing his physical presence. For me that lead to problems later because that soothing masked my fear of emptiness, or being lonely. That pain was a part of me that left with him because he simply was me in part and still is.  It took me 13 years to understand that for myself and that the pain was really the love trying to escape and go with him, but I was too foolish to let love go with it’s nature to where it desired to be.  I am looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus with loved ones, no matter to what truth is or isn’t so I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, Happy Solstice, Happy Xmas, and Happy nothings.  Can’t get more politically correct than that other than staying silent. 🙂.

I am sharing some Christmas songs from artists or bands that I have posted here in the past. Be well, Stay well and Rock on!!

Vulfpeck original post here

Chip Taylor original post here

Enter Shikari original post here

“I could tear scriptures apart and manipulate, manipulate and manipulate as I have been manipulated. Now when it comes to what is labeled the Holy Spirit, I could not manipulate. Slowed my ass down. Stupefied me with madness. Gave me nothing which was more or less than I had ever known.” -Unknown



3 responses to “Merry Christmas or whatever the Hell you want to call it for yourself.

  1. Hey, great to hear! I lost my mother on December 17th 1976. I had turned six years old, a few months earlier. She was 38 years old. I took a really really long time to figure out that she is part of me. She is not gone. And my dad sees her in me. So , we have something else in common. Tho it took you 13 years to figure it out. It me somewhere near 25 years to make the same conclusion. Merry xmas once again.

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