Taimane Gardner (Ukulele)


This young lady rocks the ukulele. This beautiful young lady from Hawaii lives for performing and it is easy to see that she has found her purpose in life. This is a somewhat unusual share here, but Fate for the writer requires it.

A couple of days ago, I ran into Taimane through YouTube wandering while going through the list of underground artists that I have. I watched a video of her performing and enjoyed it, but didn’t think of considering her for sharing here. She is a bit more popular than what I usually aim to find and share. This morning, the wife told me that our niece was performing with her ukulele class at the High School and asked me if I wanted to go. Her parents were out of town due to a business trip that was planned well in advance of the scheduling of the ensemble. I had no knowledge of our niece taking classes on how to play at the High School. I knew that she had a ukulele, but I’m only remembering that now as I write. I laughed to myself, remembering having watched a Taimane video the day before. I had no choice but to go, since the Taimane video was the first time that I had listened to a ukulele player since the big guy from Hawaii went viral some time back.

To go to the ensemble, I had to get ready for work before, because I had to go to work after the ensemble. I got ready and went to the ensemble. I really enjoyed listening to the dozen or so players play and sing some simple songs. It dawned on me how popular the ukulele has become for a dozen students to learn how to play it here in little ole Mantua, Ohio. The kids did great, and it was over earlier than I had expected so I went home for an hour before going to work. When the wife got home, she asked my if I had worn the shirt I was wearing on purpose. I answered no, and laughed as I figured out why she was asking. She told me that our niece noticed it and thought it was cool how I filled in for her father as his wingman. I was wearing my Foghorn Leghorn wingman shirt. :).

Links to Taimane Gardner




The video that I watched the day before.




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