Day 3 Quote Quota

12311264_1067526496637828_1519347251539889134_nThe writer here has been nominated to participate in a three day blog exercise by one of my longest still standing  blogger friends in the blogiverse. The exercise asks the nominated to post a quote a day for three days ( don’t have to be in a row ) and nominate three fellow bloggers for the exercise on each post.  Here is my third and final set of nominations. I loom til the thread is knotted. :).

Cave of Fame

Witless Dating after Fifty

Kurt Brindley

May I offer apologies in advance.

There are a slew of righteously educated, well conditioned mother fuckers who by some piece of paper with signatures inked by the shit of demons, who claim that folks that share inspirational quotes on the internet are stupid and unintelligent. Well, I have a refrigerator full of Smuckers jelly that they can slap on my excrement hole before they lick it, because my ignorance is street broke without a grain of silver. Asphalt baby, miles and miles of it.

Fuckers won’t get me down. I love inspiration. I got more than enough and I win cause love found me. :).








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      • There are plenty to choose from. I didn’t realize how many themes are available. When I started, I picked one from the bottom of the first page that came up on a search. I could of spent hours looking for one during this last look into themes. I enjoyed looking for and finding the current theme I’m using, but it only took like an hour. :).

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