Blue Print (Sapience Hip Hop)

I don’t know for sure how to categorize Blue Print. I have a very old thesaurus that I picked up for a buck at a local, all summer garage sale run by some eccentric lady who lives downtown. I turned to wisdom and sapience was the fourth word down the line. Sapience seemed fitting.

I have sat and begged for an answer through ponderance as to how many Shakespeares have lived and died without Narcissus’s  cursed blessings. I peruse the blogs on here, read books and listen to so many artists that seem better or equable to artists that reside in the living public conscious mind. I think of Kafka, Van Gogh or Darger as a few that were not appreciated by the living until they had passed on. And they were part of the fortunate, if you want to see it that way, that added to the inquiry of the public consciousness’s perspective. Fate is the master of it it seems. No answers here… Yet. Still looking for that hook.

This dude just throws down sagacity in the form of raps. I’m just grateful that I ran into his stuff. It will be nice to run into one of his raps while I’m helping make engines at the engine box. Keeping it real for an ole man like myself. A lot of good advice coming from the pipes of Blue Print. The thing about good advice is that it’s usefulness has usually expired long after it has been useful. I reckon that the ears that could benefit from sagacity are so deafened by ignorance that the ears that understand have longed cracked their shell.

Blue Print Homepage

Blue Print Twitter

I’m a six pack in. Fucking subscribe to this sage if you got a YouTube account. Listen, hear, hear here. Come on, crack your shell if it still got ya green and hard. :). The few that visit and converse have long lost ye shells. Love ya with a sap’s love of leaf veined blood.

Three beans….














2 responses to “Blue Print (Sapience Hip Hop)

    • Thanks for checking the place out. Also thanks for the follow. I’m hitting your follow button in return. I’ll have to also check out the Jay-Z connection to the title. :).

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