My Beard Laments

My Beard Laments

God’s mask
razors sin
wretches pious
off handed blindness

energy wastes
over perspectives’
gleamed desire
hidden by youths liar

skin’s asylum
soul’s anatomy
warmth known
seeds sown

done to death
Loves not sharp
Free and unstable
Grow like Abel.

Fuck I miss it.


7 responses to “My Beard Laments

      • In a realm that seems void of freedom this little spot gives me a little illusion of what freedom might just be. It’s very nice to be understood. Thank you.

      • So true mate… so true… And YES You are VERY understood… I feel the same about my blog although I vowed it to be apolitical. I still make a point here and there and posted one single post that expresses my strong opinion precisely about those who are trying to confine the masses to silence… It’s called ”Rebel Rebel!! There is No Authority But Yourself! ” and it was a post done for some kind of contest about Authority and Leadership and I was disqualified and told they knew I would be from the start.. What kind of sick contest is that, I was cast in the role of the vilan from the start and I didn’t even know it..Anyways.. It is there now and I do not regret writing it. I had problems in my AFK social life and it seems I can’t even get do anything right social here neither but nobody can tell me what to write and feel so yeah… Now you know why I understand you perfectly… Have a wonderful day!

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