Eagles of Death Metal (American Rock)

While repairing the dryer and putting new thermostat switches in, the wife notified me of the violent attacks taking place in Paris. Since Paris is a long way away from Ohio, I finished the job so that the family laundry could commence to be dried so my beloved inhabitants here in the house would not face the world without clean and dry clothes upon their bodies. Paris was on my mind while doing the doing that needed done. It is still heavy on my mind. The need to kill and destroy fellow beings in the name of this or that seems simply pure imbecility. After thousands of years of known human existence the need to prove that one’s god is more superior to another seems as strong as the day the word god was first spoken. Worship my god or you will die and spend eternity with unknown levels of anguish and pain. If your path to god is so pure and superior than why does fear need instilled to believe in it’s superiority? Are we so weak soaked with fear that we must go on killing and instilling our own stupid insecurities into others by threat of pain, death and deprivation with violent indoctrination? I reckon the answer is yes. It is simply what we do, even if just by the way of word or glance and economy. Extremism is in the running for the eighth deadly sin to me.

EODM is not a band that I probably would of shared on here without them having played a part in a real tragedy. When I sat down at the computer after putting a load into dry; the venue Bataclan came up on my Facebook feed and EODM was mentioned in the article. Well, I went and watched the moments feed on Twitter which was gut wrenching for me to follow and to imagine being in a concert hall with gunmen spewing lead arbitrarily into the crowd. I looked up the band and was surprised to hear that they are not a death metal band. They have been around since 2004 and aren’t on their way to a Hall of Fame induction ceremony unless as guests. That said, their version of Save a Prayer by Duran Duran is a solid rendition.

With empathy, my heart goes out to those close to the deceased in Paris. May peace find it’s eternal home.

EODM Facebook page 299,354


This live video was recorded at the Grog Shop in Euclid, Ohio. It is a warm place to the writer. It is a favored place of mine to see underground artists perform.

I do like this tune. Reminds me a bit of De Staat.

“So many men are deprived of grace. How can one live without grace? One has to try it and do what Christianity never did: be concerned with the damned.” – Albert Camus




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