A Tribe called Red Devils

Tonight, our youngest son plays in his first High School playoff football game of the season. He is a senior.  I have enjoyed watching both our boys play games over the years and there is no doubt that I will cherish these moments for the rest of my reality here. The highs and the lows of watching them play a game is priceless and no value can register the truth. I have sat in the stands over the years and have imagined all the umbilical cords stretched out to the players on the field from their mothers in the stands. Football has taught me that the physical removal of the umbilical cord is mostly illusion to reality.  It is a beautiful and harrowing experience considering the dangers presented by playing such a violent game, but it is simply what we do here in NE Ohio during the fall be it good or ill.

I woke up today, just full of excitement and anticipation of the game tonight. I’m sure that parents on both sides woke up with similar feelings of wanting their children to experience a victory in this type of setting. It is hard not to want that for them and be a bit nervous as to how the game will play out. As I settled into the flow of the day, I started looking for music that is reflecting the present energy that is bursting inside of me.

Go Red Devils!!!


3 responses to “A Tribe called Red Devils

  1. Football is a serious endeavor for kids in the Ohio State University area. I spent my summers in Belmont County while growing up. I was never good enough to play. My dad did tho.
    And yes I am a rabid Buckeye fan, win or lose as we just did. So the music, really dug Fort Minor. And surprisingly, I enjoyed the Linkin’ Park tune.

    • Football is what holds some communities together around here. Our town isn’t one of those communities which made our son’s teams playoff run a bit more remarkable to me. We won two playoff games when our school had never won a playoff game before. Pretty good stuff for our boy and his teammates.
      I’m not a fanatic anymore. I enjoy watching the games and root for teams that I used to be fanatical about, but I don’t suffer anymore over how they do. It’s a nice place from which to watch games.
      Thanks for checking the post out and commenting. Your attention is appreciated. Thank you.

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