Vann Music

As I sit here recovering from another piss poor performance from our beloved Cleveland Browns, for which I foolishly took a night off work for; I got the urge to get on here and share some underground music and try something a little different on this post.

I want to get back to putting some energy towards why I like this particular collection of creators and write a little more about each song and to why and how the music and/or video affects me. Passion for expressing discovery leads me nowhere known and I am fine with that, actually feel beautiful for it and I would like to share how this group’s few songs shared here seem passionate to me.

Vann Music is a synth indie pop band from Dublin. They are getting decent airplay in Ireland and it’s fairly obvious to me that they are easily good enough to gain more ears with more widespread exposure. Here are some links to follow Vann Music.

Vann Music Facebook page 4,745

Vann Music Twitter page 1,715

Vann Music Home page

Being the father of two sons, this first video hits my heart. It is probably fair to say that there will be strong conflict between any father and son that lives together. With my own father the conflict was intense at times. I now realize that all along he only wanted the best for me, but when I was young and full of so much curiosity his care made me feel caged. There were a lot of thick walls between us and it was honestly a combined effort of foolishness and a failure to communicate which was the bricks to the walls between us. I was very selfish and I’m fairly certain that fact was the mortar which held the bricks together. We eventually broke through many of those walls and I was able to enjoy a great relationship with him over the last decade or so of his time here. I was still selfish, but I suppose he let go of trying to control me as time went on, which is something I try to stay aware of regarding my own relationship with our children. Be it good or ill, I try my damnedest to let them breath.

The video speaks to me to how suffering and hearts not mended can destroy a relationship between a parent and child. The father here desires so much for his son to learn the piano. I am reckoning that the boy’s mother played and there may be a connection between all three with the piano. The father has no patience with his boy. His boy may not have it in him to play or the pressure to play is blocking his ability to learn. The father is drinking to escape the pain of disappointment. He takes his inability to cope out on his son. The boy has no where to turn but a memory of his mother. A memory that his father can’t handle or seem to find enough appreciation for having known her was more than enough. The walls here seem to be the mother and a connection of the mother to the piano, which may be partially why the boy takes a sledge to it. That boy felt free at the moment of each impact. It was all he knew to do out of despair.

A beautiful song and a bit to learn from it if we are willing to look deeper into it for ourselves about how suffering is a vital part of being human and the faster we learn how to cope with suffering the better off we are with our relationship with our daily environments.

This video may be inspired by the band’s producer if what I read in one snippet is correct. I like that the band presents a perspective of what a young single mother is faced with. I can’t realistically know the hardships a single mother is faced with, but empathy rises none the less. It does seem in the video that the father is still a part of the child’s life, but is to far consumed by his own selfishness to see how important it is to have a reasonable relationship with the mother for the benefit of his own child. He can’t see the forest for the trees so this leaves the mother struggling more than she probably should since she is probably shaking an unpaid bill in the fathers face during the drop off. She seems fairly full of despair and her employment options surely add to her despair.  Not being able to find work that would suit more of her feeling as if she is a part of something good and fair for her. It really points to the ugliness of how our societies are communities completely reliant on economy. It seems wrong that folks rarely seem to find suitable purpose in the current structure of this economical driven connection to daily existence. Those that find it hold on to it like the sun’s last flame no matter the level of suffering implied upon our collective environment. It is far to easy to get stuck in deep ruts from bad decisions and never find enough air in our tires of consequence to pull out of those damned ruts leaving some folks left behind anguishing around like walking death.







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