Off! is from earth. They rock. Ted, I haven’t forgotten your attention. It’s important to me. Why?, I don’t fucking know. It is though. Truthfully, thank you. A stranger cares and I appreciate. A known cares and I insult. Why?…. I’m observing what I have recognized and it doesn’t stand to reason. Than maybe it is desire. What is it that I desire that kindles insult with the more known over the least known. Desire deforms my reason. Reason culls suffering. Desire thrusts me to suffer. Reason and desire both enlighten. What a fucking dumb ass hides cowering in fear of insult!!! Off! has dibs on being in the right place at the right time for this dumb ass to enjoy. Love lets me be as close to freedom as I’ll reasonably ever be.

I’m drunk as a Lord. Reason and desire hardens me to drink. The walls. The walls of Jericho. The Old Testament hasn’t a clue to this realm with reason, but with desire the realms can dance like humming birds. Reason is water and bread. Desire is gold and an orgasm. Desire wears the pants and it’s cock rests right of the zipper. It seems off!!! or maybe I’m just an asshole who likes orgasms. That is authentic honesty that smells not of cultivated piety.  My desire screams apology.  My reason screams of thirst and hunger. My blood smiles content as not a side is joined against another.  It’s so fucking simple til a babe cries for an Olympian pang of nourishment.

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One response to “Off!

  1. OFF (THE CHART!!) Your post is poetic man. Yeah, makes me think that I should NOT be afraid to make mistakes. The first video reminded me when I met this old dark sixties head kina guy. I said to him, I am a Punk. That reference he only knew as “one gets punked in the shower in prison, whatdaya mean your a punk? that does not sound so good.” This band sounds like Black Flag early eighties, prior to Henry Rollins joining the group. Let’ see furthermore, hypnotized, that video, girl wakes up, thinkin’ ah shit who is this how did i get here where are his pants, where are my fuckin pills? Then he runs off in a superhero costume.. I thought he was going to go to the local cops and ask to FREE ALL THE POT! Lastly tho, at one time one of my groups called Dirty Girl Takes It, went out on the streets on a regular basis, with battery powered amps. Jammed on Dec 31st with those into new year, bringing folks out of the bars and into the streets with beers until we got shut down..Ramble ramble ramble..

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