Time Flies

The taste of dried blood is immediate to my tongue as I feel three sets of hands pulling me up. Why is there a tooth missing and why is the left side of my head numbly throbbing and tight skinned? Fuck, my head hurts and that blast of light is blinding. Shit!!! A damn plane!!!! They pushed me out!!! Damn I’m gonna die!!! Fuuuuuck!!! Why am I here??? What should I do??? I’m done… Might as well enjoy this….So much for that tooth… I should have……..




One response to “Time Flies

  1. I dig Time Flies. Wow, my first reaction was oh no, it is some sort of jake bugg or whatever thingy, but when the bass and drums kicked came to a crescendo paused came back in , to a giant prog rock ending..I dug it!

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