Day 1 Quote Quota

The writer here has been nominated to participate in a three day blog exercise by one of my longest still standing  blogger friends in the blogiverse. The exercise asks the nominated to post a quote a day for three days ( don’t have to be in a row ) and nominate three fellow bloggers for the exercise on each post.  Here are my first three nominations.

Ted Giffin

Poetry in an Empty Coke Can

To Be Damn it


This is as heavy as the writer will go during this exercise. I am grateful to have survived the experience and to have come back into being enough to exist ordinarily (mostly, anyways). I can’t really prove the existence of the flow or synchronicity.  Jung wrote much on synchronicity and it was six months after exiting the hospital before I even knew of Jung. I knew it as the flow. The two are the same enough to be as one by my experience.

The flow introduced the writer to John Scotus Erigena, a spiritual philosophical  Irishman from around 800 A.D by the way of a book bought at a GoodWill. The book was called the Codes of the Bible. At the time, I was fascinated by what it pointed too, but looking back when reading that book I came across a source for that book called the Book of Creation of Greek origin.  I went to a bookstore and asked if they had it, and the salesman told me they had one by that name but he didn’t know of what origin it was. It was cheap so I ordered the book for it had to be mailed from a warehouse. Anyways, when the book came it was actually a book on Celtic Spirituality and Erigena was quoted about how once the flow gets a hold of you, there is no escape. This I understood and have continued this little game of sorts with the flow toward self understanding which becomes less by the more I learn of what I call I.

It has been crazy and I have been crazy, but very grateful for it and I suspect that most of those that are closest to me are a bit grateful as well, but some may never grasp enough understanding to see how much fun I am having struggling to act normal. :).  Thanks for reading some of my Bullshit and by all means stay well.



5 responses to “Day 1 Quote Quota

    • Thank you and yes they can be cathartic. I am working 9 hours a day now, so I thank you for your patience with me posting the other two. :). That’s one thing about keeping this baby small is that I can let it all hang out and purge through self expression. I enjoy writing regardless of how it measures or doesn’t measure. Thank you for giving me reasons to post while I’m going through a “dead” period.

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