Titus Andronicus

Most punk bands are like a hamster stuck on wheel in a cage (Stole this from Iggy). This band is cage free. This group is from Glen Rock, New Jersey. This writer just finished reading a Henry Rollins book. It is one with the coffee cup on it and part two of an apparent series put out by Hank. If Jerry Lee Lewis can call him Hank, than I reckon that I can get away with it here. I recommend any of Hank’s books from just reading one. He is beautifully unique.  If you are wondering why Hank would come to mind on a punk band share, it might do you well to view this.

Titus Andronicus has been around for a few hundred years. In the form of this band around ten years. Would have Shakespeare shared my enjoyment with this band? Hell, if he had a few bottles of green Chartreuse in his gut, I’m quite sure he would of been ready for a good quarrel on the concept of flag slavery regardless of the fulfilling sounds flowing as this is written. This Magic Morning video seems like The Sex Pistols , Bruce Springsteen, Korpiklaani and Frank Kafka were combined equally into a musical version from some top secret cloning bunker deep under an unknown ancient pyramid somewhere in a book written by C.S. Lewis. The Korpicklaani dna is from the ending.  This is great music no matter what the corporate slaves push across the line for their industrial corporate copyright slave masters. BBBatez loves this shit.

Links below
Titanic Titus Andronicus: Patrick Stickles on Why His Band Made a 93-Minute, 29-Track Rock Opera About Manic Depression




If anyone views this video and has spent more than a three day weekend in a sane house, the connection will be made within the first ten seconds if the viewer has escaped the sane house and regained some form of normality. This is really great work. The music and the video are epic simplicity exonerating complicated confusion. The other two videos are awesome as well, but the length and content of Magic Morning will hit the spot for some that may have gone all the way.

Pisseth with dark sun
Bitches bleeding in heat
Drowning sense of one
Doth Freedom cheat

Skinless eyes view absurdity
while Iron hearts aspire
Drunken by soluble security
Tongue licked with desire.

Concreted minds of fear
Socialized by media medication
Waiting, waiting for a non breather
Sown promise with indoctrination

Ignorance’s painter at the dinner table
Where Hell’s scraps never taste the floor
Beaten and whipped by literal fable
Never finding owns swinging door



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