Cattle & Cane

Cattle & Cane just perspires with tender, tear inducing vibrational vaporized molecular vibrations. The writer hasn’t nary a clue to what lay ahead for this mostly sibling pop folk artist group. Having taken a break from looking for newer artists, it felt good to start playing around and looking for something new that seemed well enough to throw a few words out and be inspired a little by the music to do so. These vibrations make me feel and sometimes music can make me feel where just regular living is so full of distractions that feelings can be pulled in many directions by just by a few scrolls on social media. It is wild how far apart and divided many of my friends and family are on so many different valued security attachments.  Listening to music allows me to just allow all my energy into awareness of the flow and lyrics which can stir that connection between memory, heart and the tear ducts. This band brings forth some good ole emptiness, attachments and relationships that are worth being attached too.  This group from The Island (Thornaby-on-Tees )  won’t be a cup of tea for everyone, but it is a good cup never the less.  Some links to more info if interested.




This first song shared hits home here beautifully. The writer has made more than a thousand mistakes. Many more, but love is ever the wings behind the dance of peaceful contentedness. Ever so grateful for the wife and her patience with the writer’s mistake laden existence. Ever so grateful.


Let this be

The sun tickles the grass
The hum of a birds wings
A belly not hungered
Youngsters laughing in play
A cup of coffee full to the brim
Not a scab to itch or poke
An old maple rests a singer
As an old oak rests a writer
Serving without striving
Ample enough to be.
Tickled enough to see.
Let this be.



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