Cody Jinks

The few trips down the ole mining hole didn’t result in the finding of any stand out creators for me this week. When I went on a southern country bender a week or so ago, this fella stood out with a few others. Cody Jinks seems to be along the outlaw line of old school country performers. I find that I am drawn to any music that goes against the grain, that doesn’t attempt to get along with what any authority would most prefer me to enjoy. I just don’t like being told what to do. I never have. I do to get along when it justifies my continued existence with an aim to only obedience of this ole bourbon and smoke scarred heart of mine. When I listen to Cody and his words, I sense a little kin in this aim. I could be completely off base, and if that is the case, so be it, cause I don’t mind being right or wrong at all. :). That’s good living.

Cody Jinks Homepage



Three videos. Nobody reads this shit anyways, so listen or not. Enjoy or not.  Obey or not. Live or not. Love or not. Be or not. :).


The government is mostly an extension of authority over the people, instead of the proposed extension of the people being the authority. There is an apparent lack of balance. But it is also apparent that the conservative propagandists have exhibited a great deal of influence over large swaths of citizen opinion. The progressives have failed to measure up in this war of propaganda. So in a sense, the people are still the authority by means of propaganda fueled opinion. The poor are not beaten down by the badge and politician as so much as they are beaten down by the opinion of those that fall prey to opinion fueled by fear through the mouths of clergy, newsmen, actors and puppet heroes. The right has been wise to wear a cloak of spirituality to cover the materialistic greed that sustains the materialistic heart the pumps the blood of their party. Any political party that can be painted as non spiritual will run uphill against a party armored with spiritual blood.



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