Blackberry Smoke (Live Action Report)

This report will be more about the experience than the music. There are few rules in place here so the freedom to share experience that is self given is long and wide. This show took place at the Fillmore in Detroit, Michigan. One of the better friends to the writer moved to Detroit about eight months ago. This friend has been one of the more compassionate people that I have will ever know during this life. It is comfortable to write of such compliments due to the fact that the receiver of these compliments lives free of needing such compliments. That is one of the greatest lessons this friend has given to the writer about compassion. He and his wive just give and give. This friend texted me a couple of months ago. I had just posted on the band “The Temperance Movement“. He told me that he was working in the city of Temperance and that city has an elementary named with the writer’s last name. He asked me as to what the Hell did that mean?  I had just seen on Facebook that “The Temperance Movement” was going to open for “Blackberry Smoke” and told him that must mean that him and I are supposed to go see Blackberry Smoke in concert. That this is simply synchronicity in action. :). We made arrangements to get tickets for the show that we attended this past Saturday in Detroit without much expectation on my part, but to spend some time with a great friend whose presence I have missed.

I left home Friday afternoon after the wife came home from work so that we could see each other once more before I was to be gone for a couple of days. It was wonderful to see my friend again and his family. They were so welcoming and I had wished the wife had been able to come to share in the kindness. I was so fortunate to spend Saturday before going to the show with my friend’s family. I really enjoyed the opportunity to spend a half hour or so outside with my friends five year old son. He was playing in the snow and experiencing the world as only a child can. He would run out so far from me and exclaim that he was a hundred miles away. I would say yes, that you are at least a hundred miles away, and he would just laugh and go jump in the snow. I could only sense that it would not be so long that a school or someone would teach him what a hundred miles is in relation to getting around as an adult. Only a child can go one hundred miles in ten seconds on foot. The magic was beautiful and made me feel grateful to see the beauty in his youthful innocence. And if I failed to thank his Mother and Father for allowing me to enjoy that time with him,  let this be that, now.

As far as the show goes, I was a terrible friend to watch a show with. I drank to much and had so much fun bullshitting with the smokers outside, that I missed a good portion of the Blackberry Smoke set. I apologize to my friend, but him being him, I sense that he didn’t mind much. The Temperance Movement didn’t disappoint and the few songs that I heard Blackberry Smoke play were simply smoking. I met the members of Black Soul Swamp. They are a hard southern rocking band from the Detroit area that attended the show as fans. Worth checking out from what I have listened to and they are a bunch of great dudes from the little correspondence that took place.

Overall a rich experience for the writer and grateful to be able to share a bit of it here.

I am going to share three videos here. One from each from TTM and BBS. The last will be from Black Soul Swamp.

And to my good friend that asked an important question of me on the way home. I can’t recall my answer, but the best answer I could ever give to that question would be of that half hour outside with your son. The purpose of it is failed by reason but only by feeling the joy of grace with which words miserably fail. The answer will always fail that question of one to another it seems. In that may lay the wonder and beauty of such that question is.




2 responses to “Blackberry Smoke (Live Action Report)

  1. I suppose if i listen to the temperance movement, i should go ahead and “take the pledge”. Signing on the dotted line. Let’s go smash up a bunch of bars!!! ( just a lil’ levity)

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