Cam Ochs

This here is a young lady from San Diego, California. She is country enough for me no matter geography. For some reason I wanted to listen to some country this morning. I wanted to find some old school scented sounds. It was an exercise of futility for me. Pop country just doesn’t tickle me. I got nothing against it. It just don’t get me where I like. Cam takes me somewhere I have been before and her voice swaddles my blood in warmth. I’m glad to have run upon such a feeling. Hell, maybe she is pop country and if she is it is nice to find one that I like. :).

Her last name Ochs stood out for me as well. Phil Ochs is one of the more underrated artists of the last century. Not to make much of it, but any chance that I can introduce someone to Phil’s voice, it seems near my voice as well. Here are some links on Cam and what others are sharing about her.






The first two videos are simple recordings of the room. The last video is produced video.

Leave the old and dying America and use your creative energies to help form a new America, which would be de-militarized, more humanistic, where the police are less hostile and closer to the community, where the wealthy are not given unleashed power for the exploitation of the people. And, mostly because it’s now a matter of life and death, reassert an ecological balance with the environment, which means the people in the oil companies and the car companies and the space industry and all the other industries will have to be brought into account, so that there will be a new definition of government which has to be closer to the people and less close to special interests which are far more harmful than any revolutionaries.
— Phil Ochs, from the liner notes of &The Broadside Tapes




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    • That would seem to be consistent with society in general. Brandy Clark is another female singer that blew me away, but she is a little more popular than what I usually post.

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