Spock’s Beard

The writer was never much of a Trekkie. I suppose that is probably my loss be it good or ill. I was hugely interested in the show, In Search Of, while growing up here in Northeastern Ohio. That may have a been a precursor to the commercial success of programs like Ancient Aliens and such. It always brings a little emptiness about when any person passes away that has been a part of this writer’s experience. That sense of loss and pain that fuels empathy. It is that emptiness that forms the writer’s reality tunnel. Maybe not the whole of it, but it does contribute to how I perceive and react to what I perceive. I want the emptiness to end, but the end would be the end of experiencing it seems. And I don’t desire this experiencing to end. So I don’t desire anyone’s experiencing to end either and when it does end, the loss of what my own desires are come to attention by what has ended for another, and that another is not really another but me as well in relation with attention without disorder. Any connection seems scented with spirit. Be it an author of an old book, actor or a friendly blogger. Their apparent gain or loss with relation to my own desire fosters empathy, envy, joy and such.  So, I am feeling empathy for all those that are feeling a larger emptiness from Leonard Nimoy’s change in experiencing. We all will experience that change. It does me good to accept that as a fact and be of peace and patience with it, and allow compassion for those still at war with it. LLAP and Mr. Nimoy, RIP. It’s very apparent that you will be missed.

Spock’s Beard is the most interesting band that I could dig up that is inspired by Leonard’s most famous part that he played. This being mostly a music based blog, it seemed appropriate to share some art inspired by such an interesting individual as Leonard. They started in 1992 in Los Angeles. I am drawn to share and enjoy some of their earlier material. It is very good material and beautifully crafted.




I am sharing a couple of videos of Spock’s Beard videos in addition to a couple of videos of Leonard.

“Art, if it is successful, needs no explanation. Star Trek and Spock, if they are works of art, can be discussed. But finally the response comes in individual terms. Each viewer sees what is there for him, depending on his frame of reference.” – Leonard Nimoy.





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