Triple Dose Thursday 1/29/2015

The first dose, Gojira, is a Metal band from Bayonne, France.  Their original name was Godzilla, and was changed in 2001 to Gojira. This is a new band for the writer, but have a well established fan base which is well deserved from what I am hearing from them. This band will be hard for me to tire of.  Metal is in good hands with bands like this.





If you thought the accordion is an ancient instrument fit only for cultural festivals than here is a good example of why not coming to conclusions is wise. On the other hand when a conclusion is blown out of the water, that can create a bit of ecstasy of  itself, so coming to conclusions can be wise also. :). Kimmo Pohjonen is from Finland blows up every prior perception I held about the accordion.  I don’t have much other to say than give it listen. The shared video is composed with sounds from a farm. Should I admit that I have watched it at least a dozen times?




The third dose is a follower on Twitter.  This Wild Life is playing the Vans Warped Tour. This band from Long Beach, California is a self labeled acoustic band. Nothing stands out for me, but this is a very clean sounding band. They may just be a little to poppy for my conditioned hairy ears. Or it may be beard envy. :). (The wife likes em. It may be a gender thing.)




“If there is a god that is a fan of the Browns, it is for certain the god of comedy.” Me after a son’s text to me about the hiring of Joker Philips.



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