Lead Heads

Took Zayla for her morning walk. There was a long line of clinched fists at the bank. I led Zayla over to the line, which met the street, to see what was going on. I could see through the window that the manager of the bank was held hostage. A teller came rushing out the door asking for extra bullets. She claims there has been a misfire and are short a bullet. The fists of the line shook their head no, as she got closer to the end of the line. She got to the end of the line where a police officer was keeping order to the line. The officer pulled his revolver and opened the chamber revealing two bullets left. He dropped one out and gave it to the teller. The officer turned to me and asked me to get on my way if I was not there to loan or be loaned. Zayla pulled the line towards home and I followed her lead. As we walked home, the sound of loans going off grew fainter with each step…


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