This is the second hip hop or rap artist/band for the writer to share here. My old ears are not so confident at feeling the flows form this genre, but when pain and struggle come through. I can’t close my ears nor my heart to it. These artists from Manchester, The Island hold my attention. I would like for you to give them a chance to hold yours from their perspective. A youth’s perspective that feels real.




The first video shared inspires these hands to type a little. The second is a more polished studio cut of a new release. The third is an older share, but it brings back old days. Old days of youth for an old man.





The struggles of being lost with youth. Filled and pummeled with desire to become and acquire fame, status, glory, attention and adulation while being fed to leave an idol worth legacy. It is a wonder that the young do as well as they do considering the circumstances. I would love to latch on to some conspiracy theory as reason for the overtly egotistical and superficialized society that is apparently present and growing with time, but it fails merit. It just seems to be a natural consequence out of  human existence and that existence’s loneliness. Some young are so attached to how many followers or fans that they have on social media and it may just be another salve to join alcohol, drugs, religion and art that salve the sorrow of loneliness. It seems so natural to be a trend, that I can offer little quarrel with it. Many have come along and shed blood through words and acts as to point towards the inner sanctum of fellowship where there is no self to be lost within or without but comfortably at home and not an alien. The draw to become, enslaved by nescience of what is,  seems much to powerful for one soaked with desire’s distractions. If the flow takes one to the tip of societal envy than so be it, but to fly freely, simply with the ordinary is, is not nearly the hell that conditional desire tricks it to be. A cannibal free realm with liberty that money just can’t bargain for. Where boredom can be bridled and the separation between pleasure and happiness are inner defined with comfortable relativity.


6 responses to “Prose

    • I thought of having my youngest son give them a listen. My heart overruled and said screw it. Let me know if you get any feedback. Thank you for your correspndence.

      • To me – they are one step beyond Ed Sheeran – and it is a good logical step – but my son has great taste so I will give it a try.

  1. Here is the deal from a 17 year old: “This is ok… BUT, I have no interest in foreign rap, it is not right-like country music; rap is American.” (keep in mind I grew up in England and am a naturalized American citizen and this is my son) And even at that—too much of a leap to take.

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