Triple Dose Thursday 01/15/2015

JJ Grey & Mofro is the first dose today. This group of Southern Blues Rockers are from Jacksonville, Florida. I can’t really put into words the heartfelt connection with the shared video. This song seems like a battle hymn of a battle that can only be won by surrender.



Thank You Scientist is the second dose. This stuff is just deep full flavored tunage. They are self described as Prog Rockers, and I could care less what it is called. It feels good. It is like one of those twelve packs of assorted beers from a small independent brewer. All kinds of flavors introduced to be absorbed. This band seems very, very talented and creative and worth a listen.




The third dose, Minor Soul, is a group that has followed the writer on Twitter for some time. The idea came to me, that I should pick a band from followers to share once in awhile. I haven’t cemented that idea, but for the moment this band is coming to you by way of that idea. Their ability is certainly polished enough to give a fair listen and any band that gives notice to Charlie Chaplin is a band that I will garner my attention.








Happy Birthday to Mr. King. Your lessons served with golden aim and selfless action have been slow to learn by the swollen, hard heads of authority. Your strength was not solely of humility. Nor was it solely of love and courage. It was partially out of fear that your aim came. Fear of hunger to the hungered. Fear of oppression to the oppressed. Fear of continued psychological enslavement due to uncontrollable difference.  Fear once conquered can be a source of inspiration and determination. Mr. King conquered fear by what I can see, and used fear as a tool from understanding fear through conquering fear. Yes, love, courage and humility were certainly evident, but his use of fear combined with non action are full of lessons. He instilled great fear in authority and that fear fueled his death as history reports; commonplace among the wise company Mr. King now keeps.

Does the current practice of celebrating Mr. King do proper service to the current suffering from difference? Sure there has been improvement towards accepting differences by law and court, but how much change has occurred among the individual perception? How can I come to peace with the apparent fact that I have benefited from being born more privileged than another? Do I find peace that others have been born more privileged than I? Do I just accept that I have had no control over it, and just accept this lot in life and carry on, being aware of difference but not disparate with moment to moment action? Do not I have to get to the root of what lies deep within my own programming to see what the most truth of my own perception is tunneled by? I have found that I am prejudice there. Not just by culture, but also by experience and exposure. It is difficult to admit this and painful. I am drawn to Mr. King and others that have tested authority and it’s right to fuel suffering by law and court. I was drawn by guilty conscience. The shame of my ancestors resides deep within. It is a difficult thing to make peace with. The laws by authority are not enough, and may never be. When we leave someone out: that someone will suffer if they care. When we leave someone out due to controllable difference, than suffering from it seems not as evil as things are. To leave someone out due to an uncontrollable difference seems a heartless act and no amount of good seems to justify the no good of it. Well other than the lot of us who will celebrate Mr. Kings birth four days late and will find good in a day off work.  Ignorance is bliss, sometimes.

Happy Birthday Mr. King and thank you for the lessons.

(Disclaimer: This is not truth, but perception. I have never met Mr. King and this comes from what I can relate. It may be due to what I want to see as much as it may be from what I don’t want to see. That is about as true as I can get at this moment.)


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