Nothing More

I can find nothing wrong with Nothing More. An intelligent perceiving group of artists creating conscientious Rock and Roll and gaining popularity while issuing a painful perspective of a sickened society.  We are all sick with conditioned opinion, the writer included. There is escape, but the folly of it all leads to a shameless beautiful feeling of deadness. We are all kings of our own bullshit mountains. Bullshit mountains that separate us into piles of purpose that makes life so beautiful without psychological, fearful, concreted, opinionated cages viciously sanctioned by the information age.

The corporate psychological marketing specialists are not going to be warm to this tone of tune. The masses are not able to see well enough the words of wise men of intelligentsia. Boxed in by fear, distraction and physical pleasure there is little hope for relief, but maybe through the art of music. Music that dances with the blood, the heart and the soul. Music that screeches of liberation. Maybe music can mass murder conditional ignorance. I am tickled to see this band getting air time and well over 3 million views on YouTube in just eight months. A peaceful, psychological revolution fueled by art? Many a broken dream has been experienced, but one can dream a little, no matter the futility in it to truth, as so, to see another day less suffered.

As I wallow, my memory recalls Creed and how little the deeply spiritual lyrics failed to move me beyond to simpler understandings that bear fruit in application. To know is worthless out of application. The past is useful to expectations or in the least of limiting them. So with that in mind, I temper the previous two paragraphs, but let hope breath a little. There is affection. There is art. There is love.

Some links about and from Nothing More.

An article from My SA. This band is from San Antonio, Texas

Band’s Hompage




The first video hits the writer in the heart by experience. It is a nice painful listen. It speaks to the letting go. Letting go of wants cloaked under the willful existence of fault ridden neediness. Oh what a slave to a concept of consumer liberty and what others perceive of me, I have been. The second video is the video with over three million views and has been promoted by Nikki Six of Motley Crue. The third is a stinging indictment of organized religion’s divisive grip on societal morality and a form of chains that the Spirit of Christ is rotting with. I can find little to argue with this song, although recognize how offensive it will be to those that are deeply indoctrinated by manufactured spirituality. I offer no apology,  but know that it comes from love as I understand the natural essence of Spirit which is seemingly without mechanical existence. It is difficult to apologize for seemingly simplicities.


Rob me
Fuck me
Hate me
Beat me
Kill me
Murder me
Burn me
Destroy me
Annihilate me
War till desire is dust
Leave not a trace
For a moment
I am









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